Somewhere in that Stardust Is You


I was asked by a very good friend to post this song because it was a favorite.  It almost didn’t make the cut and would have never been recorded if it wasn’t for his insistence, because I was having trouble with the lyrics, and agonized over it for days.

This was during the time frame when I was in the process of moving to San Francisco, and if anyone has ever come across the Golden Gate Bridge, at night, and saw the millions of points of lights across the bay and towards the City, it is clear what the stardust is referring to.   Please enjoy.

Somewhere in the Stardust

3 thoughts on “Somewhere in that Stardust Is You

  1. That’s was another wonderful song! My only question is why the sheep? When I played the song in RealPlayer, there was a goofy lamb on the screen. Is that a default of the program itself or did you add the sheep to your beautiful vocal?


  2. I opened it on my RealPlayer, and it plays the song, but I don’t see any sheep or lamb, goofy or otherwise. I’m sorry, Rambling Taoist. Maybe you can get an upgrade to your version and it might fix that. 🙂


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