I Ching Sphere (Part 5): Level 3

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(…continued from I Ching Sphere (Part 4):  Level 2)

I was sitting at a restaurant this afternoon and looking out the window at the world that was drizzly and grey, and I was thinking to myself how lucky I was to be living at this moment in the history of mankind. This was the culminating moment where we could start the journey out of our little individualized box and begin to connect with everyone and everything else.

As I was sipping on my hot tea, I had a sudden urge to look up the components that made up the tea, and so I whipped out my tablet, and with the aid of the wireless connection from the restaurant, I was learning all about the tea that I was drinking.  All of a sudden, my brain grew as large as my ability to search a term.  I didn’t have to stuff my head full of data.  All I had to do was store the patterns that the data provided to me.  This is how I am able to comprehend a huge topic that is laden with unfamiliar technical terms.  I don’t have to know everything.  I just have to know how to retrieve the information needed to understand the pattern in front of me.  This is my lifelong approach to learning.

So, enough of the navel-gazing.  Onward and upward to level 3.  I purposely gave myself a little bit of a break between two and three because of all the levels, this one is the most difficult.  I stared at this level until I was cross-eyed.  I spent quite a bit of neurons on this, let me tell you.  My myelin sheath was starting to melt off from the nodes of my axons from the heat generated by all that foot traffic, running back and forth, huffing and puffing, trying to get the point across to those poor, poor inadequate dendrites.

Level 3

This is a very important level.  It is at Level 3 where the yin energies change from negative to positive (and in using negative and positive, I am simply using the language that is at my fingertips to describe two equal-but-opposite energies.  There is no good or bad here, just pure energy).  This is the layer where the forces stabilize enough to make the transition.  Here is where the energy is most focused, but amazingly enough, it is also the calmest area of the entire structure.


There are only two changes within the central axis, but because they are two stable states moving back and forth, they stabilize the entire structure.  This is the spherical multidimensional eye within the storm:  the nucleus of the sphere.  But just as the calm of the hurricane only occurs when the eye is directly overhead, it is, by no means a permanent state.  Outside of this calm and balanced center, the changes swirl and spin with maddening voracity, driving all cycles of nature and experience.  Like clockwork, we can determine these cycles if we understand how the I Ching’s machinery works.

To start off with, it has eight separate layers, with seven of them having selective personality disorder.  Remember in my previous post, I talked about the hexagrams with the selective personality disorder that causes it to wink in and out of awareness on the same level and in the exact same space as its other awarenesses.  It takes turns with its other split personality hexagrams, and when it is its turn on the level of reality, it pops in, unaware that it is sharing the same shell-body.


A3 = {101010010101}

E1 = {110010101001}
E2 = {110100011001}
E3 = {101100011010}
E4 = {010110001101}
E5 = {100110001011}
E6 = {100101010011}

Lifting a Block

The outermost shell is the one with the three solid yang lines rising up through the yin lines.  Dr. Schoter calls it Lifting a Block.  It is very descriptive, because it does look rather like a heavy block that is being lifted.  It looks like this.


This is the only simple and uncomplicated layer of level 3 (The other layers all have mental issues.) and it occupies the six outermost corners of the layer, like so.


So far so good, eh?  And here I am, thinking I was going to get off lightly.  But Noooo!  I now have to venture in where angels fear to tread.  I have to go and deal with six crazies!  One minute, I think I’m dealing with one entity, and the next minute, it’s something else entirely and wonders why I am there staring at it.

It’s enough to make me go screaming for the hills!

anime girl 123

But I have to have courage.  Have to have faith that this is going to be something that will work out.  So here we go.

Level 3

It is at Level 3 where the yin energies change from negative to positive (and in using negative and positive, I am simply using the language that is at my fingertips to describe two equal-but-opposite energies.  There is no good or bad here, just pure energy).

Fire and Spark

This layer, Dr. Schoter calls Fire and Spark.  Now, two of the yang lines have separated from the bottom yang line and have risen together, leaving behind the bottom spark to fend for itself.  This is what the Fire and Spark Layer looks like.


It occupies the middle section in between the outer ring and the central axis.  On this layer lives six siblings of the Fire and Spark family.  They are:


E1 =  , E2 = , E3 = , E4 = , E5 = ,  E6 = 

Wind and Water

Unfortunately, as exciting as Fire and Spark happen to be, it has a split personality issue.  Sometimes, it’s one thing, and sometimes, it’s another.  The other personality that Fire and Spark has is called Wind and Water.  This is how the Wind and Water family looks like.


It occupies the exact same layer as Fire and Spark occupies, except that as Fire and Spark winks out of existence, it winks into existence.  The two have no idea the other exists.  That’s pretty much the nature of these split personality layers.


E1 = , E2 = , E3 = , E4 = , E5 = , E6 =  

Resonant Oscillator

So now we come to the central axis of Layer 3.  Remember, the more stable a structure is, the closer to the center it is moving to.  When it is finally in place, at the center of the axis, it is spinning very fast.  VERY FAST.  It cycles between these two states, and depending on which state it is in, it triggers the state changes for the Fire-Spark/Wind-Water siblings.  This is what it looks like.

Qualitative Polarity

A3 only has two states:  101010 and 010101 .

When it is in the first state, 101010, it triggers Fire and Spark.

When it is in the second state, 010101, it triggers Wind and Water.

And here are Fire-Spark and Wind-Water, thinking they are autonomous and doing things their way.  They think they’re in command of their faculties, but NO!  It is all due to A3, changing its state.

The change that A3 exhibits is not pure chance or by whim though.  It is like a resonant oscillator, hence the name (and thank you very much Dr. Andreas Schoter, for giving them great evocative names!)  The oscillations are due to natural forces and has a formula where F = restoring force, k = a positive constant, and x = the displacement (yay, I actually understand this formula!)

 \vec F = -k \vec x \,

This formula controls the oscillations, and when in action, looks like this:

Simple_harmonic_motion_animation small

Notice that as we go closer and closer to the center of the rotating sphere (for that is exactly what it is shaping up to be), the more changes occur.  The vortex’s power and energy is centrally-located.  Its movement is affected by angular momentum and inertia.  However, remember that this is an energy vortex.  There is a center of rotation.

The resonant oscillator is governed by this angular momentum, where L represents angular momentum, r = radius, and mv = mass x velocity.  Here is the formula for angular momentum.

angular momentum

This formula controls the rotation and looks like this.


So now we have Level 3 completely mapped out.

And now you know why I am not a mathematician.  It took me forever…no seriously, I kid you not…it took me FOREVER to figure this out.  Math shouldn’t be this hard.  But it is, and there’s nothing I can do about it except keep chugging along, all the while, feeling sorry for myself that I wasn’t born with good math genes.  I just ignored all the numbers and zeroed in on the symbols and the units and the geometries, and that’s how I was able to wade through all this.

I know—it’s sorta like cheating…doing the math without plugging any numbers in, but I don’t have any other way to comprehend this, so I am doing the best I can…

That’s so depressing.  I have bad math genes.

anime girl 42

Well, good news is…we only have levels 4, 5, and 6 left to go.  Well, technically only 4 and 5 because I already talked about 6, which is nothing but a Level with a single Càn, the Creative Heaven symbol in the center of its axis point.

(Sigh)  I need a vacation.

(…continue to I Ching Sphere (Part 6):  Levels 4, 5, 6)

The Teikemeier/Drasny Sphere.  Dr Andreas Schöter. 2012

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