I Ching Sphere (Part 3): Level 1


(…continued from I Ching Sphere (Part 2):  Zeroes and Ones)

Ugh!  I got all the easy parts done, and now it’s nothing but hard stuff.  I am so dreading this section, but I have to finish it.  I’ve been very, very bad lately.  I start all sorts of subjects and I say that I will add to the information and finish the posting groups, but I end up dropping the lines and I forget to come back to finish them off.  So this time, I’m going to just work on the layers until they are done.  No more distracted sidestepping.

OK, so now that we have established the base and the top, we have a lot of work to do to fill in the mid sections.  Just for reminders:  This is Level 0, the Receptive Earth


Level 1:  Spark Ascending

Immediately after Khôn The Receptive Earth, who sits all by herself on layer 0, we have six of her immediate children, making up layer 1.  Remember, those closest to her will be made up of the symbols with the most broken yin lines.  Here is how they are laid out.


This is called Spark Ascending by Dr Andreas Schöter* because there is “a single spark of yang energy (which) rises up through the spectrum, energizing each dimension as is ascends” .  The movement looks like this.


So far so good.  Everything is still fairly straightforward.  But it’s early days yet.  We’ve barely gotten through layer 1.  You didn’t think I was going to get off this lightly, now did you?

girl thinking

(…continue to I Ching Sphere (Part 4):  Level 2)

*  The Teikemeier/Drasny Sphere.  Dr Andreas Schöter.  2012

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