Tao Babe Music


Welcome to my music page.

Here is where I will share with you, my gentle readers, a few pieces of music that I wrote during my time as a focused musician.

Please enjoy.

Moment in the Night

Butterfly of Hope

Somewhere in the Stardust

4 thoughts on “Tao Babe Music

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  1. Cool you have a musical side.

    Maybe Jazzy?

    I don’t have sound on this machine.

    I sing in shower alone. That is my musical side. The songs have words but they don’t rhyme. :(.


  2. No, I’m a musical dumb dumb. :(. Musicians tend to impress me. :).

    I have a goth friend who is kind of a composer type. He’s cool. Sadly, hard to be famous. He used to have awesome Edgar Allen Poe site.

    I’ve had cool ideas for songs though, lol, in the past. No gift with words but the general ideas had potential.

    In my case, I sadly can’t even read music. No training.


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