Sorcery Preparation

The crucial element to Sorcery is Preparation.  Complete Preparation is of high importance and cannot be stressed enough.  Pre-preparation starts the day before the spell-casting date.  The Sorcerer is required to undergo a cleansing of the mind and body of all impurities.  The Sorcerer should not be smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages twenty-four hours before the day of spell-casting.  Eating of food is allowed, with the exceptions of any and all in the Allium family of plants, which include onions, garlic, shallots,  leeks, and chives.  The mind should be clear of any negative thoughts.  The body should be free from illnesses.

There are eleven steps to this process.  Each step must be done in the correct sequence and cannot be skipped or partially carried out.

  1. Have all required items at hand.
  2. Choose the best time to write the Bùa.
  3. Ground and center the mind and spirit
  4. Light the incense for clarity and protection of the mind and spirit
  5. Invoke the spirits of the higher self and protectorates.
  6. Invoke the spirits of the writing implements.  There are five:  water, pen, paper, ink, and pen holder.
  7. Write the Bùa in one breath’s time, with concentration and positive intention.
  8. Pass the Bùa spell over the incense smoke three times
  9. Invoke the final incantation.

The methods above are to be used to create the Bùa.  Once they have been created, they must be utilized correctly.  There are Seven different methods of application for the written sorcery spells (Bùa).  Since each spell is different, and the application for usage is different in each circumstance, its method of application must, therefore, also be determined at the time of casting.  The Sorcerer must understand and use the correct method to obtain successful application of the spell that is to be cast.

  1. Incinerate
  2. Adorn
  3. Attach
  4. Ingest
  5. Brew
  6. Smear
  7. Douse

In the case of combining the Bùa with the Ngải plant, a different set of invocations are to be used.  I will detail this in upcoming postings.

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  1. I don’t want to say too much publicly, I am a peaceful shaman, meditator, musician, and martial artist going to Vietnam seeking some new perspectives and networks. I was brought to your blog. Would you like to chat about this over email?


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