Solid State of Sound


What does sound look like?

That sounds like something a blonde Taobabe would ask.  Any rational thinking being’s first impulse would be to say, “You can’t see sound waves, Blondie.  You can only hear them; that’s why they are called sound waves.  If you could see them, they’d be light waves.  Get it?”

And the blonde Taobabe would nod her head in rueful concession of a higher power of intellect and go on her merry way.  Of course, as she is walking away, the answer spins around her blonde head and it really doesn’t make much sense either.  The answer given is problematic too.  You see, as a child, I was told that sound waves and light waves were part and parcel of the same huge energy wave, and when it passes through us, we are only able to pick up a fraction of the wave frequency itself.  It amazed me back then how much truth and light and information we were missing from our own reality, and it amazes me still, to this day.

electromagnetic chart

That tiny fraction of frequencies we are able to sense, we experience as solid matter, sights, sounds, and even buzzing vibrations that reverberate through our bodies and make our teeth rattle.  The rest of that massive volume of wave frequency simply does not exist to us because to our poor, limited senses, we cannot see, smell, taste, touch or feel them.

The speed at which the signals arrive at us differs depending on the frequency.  Higher frequencies arrive first.  The larger-amplitude oscillations arrive later.  Anything that is so slow as to register as solid matter arrives even later than that.  As a matter of fact, we think we are moving normally and naturally in this density, but in reality, we are barely moving at all.  We are so heavy that we lumber and plod along, trying to get around in our reality.  Sometimes, I can sense this when, in my lucid dreaming states, I try to move and I find myself barely able to wade through what seems to be thick molasses, clinging and pulling, restricting my every move.  I know I am in a different realm because I cannot operate in the same fashion as I can so easily in this density of light.  I can only imagine how I would look like to another person who exists elsewhere.

It would seem as if I was a stone statue.


That makes perfect sense to me, actually.  To those who move at a higher frequency, we are statues!  We cannot see them because they zip around too fast for us to catch a glimpse, but they can see us, in our frozen state of being.  This would mean they are also operating at a different time-scale.  They would be experiencing time in a completely different manner, and two-thousand years to us would be but a mere couple of days to them.

I also think that there would be those who are even less mobile than we are, although at the 3rd dimension, we’re just about at the bottom of the line here.  Geometrically, all we have left are the lines and the dots, but let’s just suppose that there are beings that move even slower than we do.  Those beings would look like statues to us.

What really gets me excited is that this is not some wacky, far-fetched This idea is perfectly in line with what mainstream physicists have known for half a century.  Albert Einstein himself told us a long time ago that this was what was happening at the quantum level.

Albert-Einstein“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”  ~ Albert Einstein

Following this logic, the vibrations that we can hear in the form of music or harmonic tones is, to another living being who can perceive these vibrations at higher frequencies, solid matter.  This solid matter would be just as real as our own matter is to us.  To an even higher being, the light we see would be another level of solid form altogether.  These beings would be able to see the forms made completely of what we see as light.

Taken as a whole, with bass notes as low as reality will allow and shrill high octaves as high as it can possible vibrate, our universe sings and dances with vibrations that allow for a musical and visual symphony, and this symphony has been playing for 13.75 billion years.  So what does sound look like?

It looks like this.



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