Recipe for Scrying Machine


  • 1 barrel
  • 3 Rings
  • 1 gyroscope
  • 1 small chair
  • half a dozen crystals
  • 1 ancient Egyptian mystic mummy, ground to dust
  • enough water to fill the barrel


  • Take the barrel and fill it with water.
  • Place crystals inside the water.
  • Add ancient Egyptian mystic mummy dust.
  • Place seat in front of the water barrel (see diagram for correct placement).
  • Place rings around the barrel on the gyroscope (see diagram for correct placement).
  • Sit back on chair and relax.
  • Run electrical current through the rings to cancel out magnetic field.
  • Enjoy the ride.

Of course, you know…I am just joking. It is not THAT simple.

You need engineering ingenuity to figure out how to run electricity through the rings in a way that will allow for the cancellation of all electromagnetic noise. You have to figure out how to balance the rings on the gyroscope, and then balance the gyroscope on the water barrel.

You also have to figure out how to acquire an Egyptian mystic mummy, and then you have to locate a grinder large enough to create mummy dust, all without attracting undue attention which could land you into a sticky situation with the law for desecrating human remains. This may seem like a tall order, but for the chance to be able to peer into the future, it might be worth it to somebody.

At first glance, the recipe looks fairly innocuous. Metal rings, metal barrel, water, a handful of crystals—these are all easily obtainable. What’s so mystical and magical about stuff that we can get from the friendly neighborhood hardware store? But then we get to the mummy dust and all of a sudden, we’re getting into witchcraft and black sorcery territory.

It really isn’t quite as mystical as one might think. It is all pure science. The mummy dust is there simply to provide the missing DMT which is basically a hallucinogenic substance. I’m not sure if simply adding the equivalent amount of modern-day DMT is enough of a substitute, but I don’t see why not. Ninety-nine percent of human remains, after it has been reduced to dust, is basically non-reactive anyway.

The crystals are not there for the mojo they add to the mix. They are there to act as a signal receiver, much like a crystal radio that picks up radio waves without the need for electricity. It then broadcasts those waves in the form of a holographic image which looks very much like our own 3 dimensional reality.

Personally, I would try to find an easier method, as there is always more than one way to skin a cat. I mean, just take a look at the ingredients we would have to acquire! Look at all the hardware we would have to put together! I can put together stuff as good as the next babe, but I would need step-by-step instructions with numerically labeled pieces for accurate assembly. So, this method, as cool as it looks on paper, is definitely not the one I would use for scrying. Luckily, there is another method.

Ancient sages use this second method all the time. They don’t need to build a physical barrel of water and devise a method to create an electromagnetic shield around the barrel. They just use the pineal gland inside their brain!

To ready more about the pineal gland, see Star Wars, the Force, and the Third Eye.

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