Pooh, the Cool Modern Tao Sage


Here is my favorite Taoist Sage.  His name is Winnie the Pooh.

Pooh is a small dumpy bear with one love in life, eating honey.  He is not all that clever, and bumbles along through life, arriving at the answer to riddles or problems with little effort and without meaning to.  Often, he doesn’t even realize that he has arrived at the answer.

His philosophy is a deceptively simple, yet highly advanced mix of expending  minimal effort and going with the flow of his natural tendencies as well as working within his limitations to produce results naturally.

Even as  Pooh solves problems in his steady simple way, he remains joyous and happy-go-lucky.  He does not try to discard his desire of honey or remain within his hierarchy of rules and regulations.  He just meanders about, doing natural Pooh bear things and living a happy joyful life.

Now, that’s my kind of Tao Sage!

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  1. I can help you be enlightnened, I think. But it will take time. Were it in person there’d be a whole series of pointless things I’d make you do. Hit me up on twitter, @ChiefTheCef, it may take a while to get a reply, it will take even longer to train yourself to become truly enlightened


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