Organic Alchemistry 6: Lulus of the World

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If I could go back in time with my digital camera, I would have loved to take pictures of humans, as we were, back in our distant past.  It was like a veritable Lord of the Rings environment, where all sorts of humans existed side-by-side.  I would then be able to take a picture of a lulu.

What is a lulu?  You might ask.  Well, let me dig around and find some information on a lulu for you.


Ah!  Here we have a perfect specimen of a lulu, from ancient times.

This skull dates back to over 160,000 years ago, fully-formed, with a complete set of 46 chromosomes and a skull case which could handle a huge brain volume of 1800 cc. [1]  That’s quite amazing since we supposedly far superior modern humans, barely have a 1450 cc brain.


This is a real forensic reconstruction of what a lulu would look like, using the real skull bones of these early humans.  These are the oldest human skulls we have ever found.

Oldest Human Skulls Found

The skulls, dug up near a village called Herto, fill a major gap in the human fossil record, an era at the dawn of modern humans when the facial features and brain cases we recognize today as human first appeared.

The fossils date precisely from the time when biologists using genes to chart human evolution predicted that a genetic “Eve” lived somewhere in Africa and gave rise to all modern humans.

“We’ve lacked intermediate fossils between pre-humans and modern humans, between 100,000 and 300,000 years ago, and that’s where the Herto fossils fit,” said paleoanthropologist Tim White, professor of integrative biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and a co-leader of the team that excavated and analyzed the discovery site. “Now, the fossil record meshes with the molecular evidence.”  [1]

Let me clarify what Dr. White said, from the article above.  From extensive digging, we’ve managed to uncover all sorts of fossils and bones from every strata of the Earth, and we’ve amassed a huge amount of tangible data (namely bones) from pre-humans (those humanoids of the 48-chromosome variety), as well as abundant bone data from 100,000 years onward into the modern time.

The only mysterious hole in the data is human bones existing between 100,000 and 300,000 years ago.  It was as if NO HUMANS LIVED DURING THAT TIME!


But we know that can’t be true because, well…here we are!

Holy Scriptures

I have heard from fairly reliable sources that “…there were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”  ~  Genesis 6.4  [2]


Since the Bible does not specify who the giants were, I went digging elsewhere for more information.  The Torah mentions three groups of people who would be tall enough to be considered giants.  They were the Nefilim, the Anakim, and the Refaim. [3]

According to the Torah, these Nefilim (nephilim) were called the Anakim, children of Anak, and were considered to be one of the giant groups that have been cross-referenced in the Bible in various locations.  The most famous of these Anakim was Goliath, the giant that David slew. ~  1 Samuel 17

The Book of Enoch also speaks about the 200 angels, led by a high angel named Azazyel, who came down to earth to mate with the daughters of man and produced giant men.  I can only surmise these 200 angels are the sons of God, and the giants were the offspring of these angels and Earth women. [4]

The Sumerians also documented like mad, all the beings who, from heaven came down.  In their massively cataloged and redundantly translated cuneiform tablets, they call these beings Annunaki, and the 200 angels who took Earth wives were known as the Watchers. [5]

Fossil Records

The fossil records look crazy, and you don’t even have to dig too much or too hard to find this craziness.   I am going to make an attempt to separate out all these accounts and identify the individual groups by combining all accounts from various sources, and then analyzing the stories against the genetic records we currently hold, so that we can begin to see how they fit into our ancient history.


To start off with, there was a lot of evidence all over the planet, for early hominids of every shape and size, going back over two-million years ago.  There was still a long way and a long time to go from the stage hominids were at 300,000 years ago, to our present-day human bodies, and given sufficient and adequate undisturbed time-span, we would have evolved to our current stage in the evolutionary process.

But here is the kicker.

We were quickly taken from a troglodyte form that had lasted for millions of years to modern-day human, within a matter of three-hundred thousand years.


On an evolutionary timeline, 300,000 years would not be enough to even make a single human eyeball, let alone a fully-functioning, complex human brain, capable of inventing warp drive to explore the far reaches of the universe.  And yet, we are asked to believe that the fully-formed homo sapiens sapiens…the fully endowed–nay–OVER-ENDOWED human body–with all the biological resources that we have been given, right out of the womb, happened within the blink of an eye.  One minute, we were Homo rhodesiensis, and the next minute, we were homo sapiens.

And yet, that was what happened.

For two million years, evolution chugged along, slow and steady as it should.  And then, starting somewhere around three-hundred-thousand years ago, there was a tiny bottle neck where we found a very small sample of modern Homo sapiens.


And in a bright flash, this tiny sample sprang out and spread everywhere, effectively wiping out all other forms of humans, including our close kin, the neanderthals.  It is worthy to take note that none of the other human races survived to the present time due to one important factor:  The emergence of Homo sapiens, the only surviving species of the genus Homo, from which Modern humans, the subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens, sprang forth.

The first question that sprang to my mind when this information became apparent to me was the date itself.  Why 300,000 years ago?  What was significant about that date?

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