Organic Alchemistry 1: 7 Day Rule


It was written in the book of Genesis that it took God seven days to create everything, from the largest to the smallest.  Also written in Sanskrit’s ancient holy book, the Rig Vega, are the seven stars, seven concentric continents, and seven streams of soma, the drink of the gods.  There are many other similar ancient sacred representations for the number 7, found throughout humankind’s religions and philosophies.

As an ever curious Taobabe, I have often wondered why the number 10 is not more sacred.  After all, we do have ten fingers and ten toes.  If I had to group something, it just makes more sense to do it in piles of tens…as opposed to seven…or twelve…

I mean, think about it.

Who in the world would have thought that a dozen things was easier and more practical as a method of sorting, as opposed to a decade things, other than extraterrestrials* who might have six fingers on each hand and think it’s easier to count in multiples of six?

And before I get raised eyebrows–yes, a decade is the equivocal word to the dozen, in order to denote a grouping of things.  A decade simply means a grouping of ten, as opposed to a grouping of any other number of things.  Just because we currently only use it to denote years does not mean it is limited to this denotation.

I know, I know.


I’m supposed to find the answers deep within, spiritually, and cosmically, not fiddle around with worldly scientific facts and mathematical constructs of the external world.

Highly spiritual people always tell me this:

“Taobabe, stop focusing on the external world and the rational mind.  The answer is within.  Focus on your inner spiritual growth and maybe…just maybe…you’ll grow into your full potential.” ~ Those who are more spiritually-endowed than me

And my answer would always be thus:

“Well, that’s all cool and dandy for you advanced folks, but I haven’t really reached your advanced-level Taoism classes yet.  I’m just a low-level Kindergarten Taoist and therefore, still allowed to play in my Kindergarten box.  So if you don’t mind, I’m going to take full advantage of all the perks and the wiggle room that are given to us low-brow Taoists and play and do some fun exploration of the rational sort.” ~ Taobabe

girlpointing3‘Cause you know me.

I don’t take anything at face value without doing some thinking and digging and more thinking about it.

And the more I think about it, the more I come to the stunning conclusion that it’s not an accident that the number seven is (one of) the sacred numbers.  In organic life, 7 is the number that skates the line between life and death.  This brings me back to the main idea of this posting.

The number 7

It is not difficult to create new life in the lab.  Add some sperm to an egg in the correct environment in a petri dish and the magic of life takes shape in the form of a zygote.  However, it only takes seven days for a human zygote, existing in a test tube, to hit the magical 7-day wall and perish.  The only way to keep this zygote alive is to implant it into a living biological womb.

In the past, scientists had been unable to keep embryos alive beyond seven days, and in fact, the recommendation has always been to implant embryos less than 7 days to ensure fetal survival rates.  Today, they have been able to extend the embryo’s life up to 13 days, by fiddling with a few things, and I will go into that as soon as possible, but let me get back to the seven day rule.

Why seven days?  And why must a living womb be provided to a zygote?  An experiment was carried out at Cornell where a mouse embryo was grown inside an artificial uterus and given everything it needed to grow.  The cells grew but the mouse was severely deform and ultimately died well before the gestational period.


This most likely has to do with the fact that biological life emits waves and developing life needs these waves to be able to develop properly.

The lack of a biological womb caused the mouse embryo to be deprived of the biological photon waves it needed from its mother, and although all the genetic blueprint was present within the embryo, without the biorhythms of its mother, it could not develop properly 

This indicated that wave genetics is just as important as the blueprint genetic material combined from the mother and father, to allow the zygote to grow into the correct being.  In one of my previous postings, I touched upon Dr. Peter Gariaev’s work on wave genetics and the biological photons that allowed life to grow in the correct manner.

Wait a sec–did I write about that?  Well, if I didn’t then I need to quickly touch upon Dr. Gariaev’s work.

Better yet, let me take the next post to describe his work in detail, as it is quite fascinating!

*Another subject for another day.

(Continue to Organic Alchemistry 2:  Wave Genetics)

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