Louche Part 3: Third Density Barrier


Third Density Barrier

There is a barrier between us and the otherworldly folks.  Some people describe it as a thick veil of forgetting.  Others call it an energy field that acts as walls to keep us contained within this Prison Planet we call Earth.

All these points of views are valid, of course, if that is what you wish it to be.  As deities, we call it what we will, and it instantly becomes what we determine that it should be.  This is the power of gods.

Artwork by Mary Englebright

Well, as a Taobabe goddess, I am going to call it a barrier because of the way it functions.

Yes it does cancel out our memories, and yes it does contain us within its boundaries, but that is what it is meant to do.

According to Ra from the Law of One, we are restricted to this density’s body so that we can effect changes within the 3rd density.

This density, unlike other densities, is the ONLY place that allows us to choose, with free will, our direction moving forward.

At this critical juncture, we must choose either Service to Self (STS) or Service to Others (STO).  Neither choice is wrong, but our choice then dictates the direction in which we move towards.  Those who do not choose one of these two directions will have to repeat the 3rd density over and over until they decide to make that choice. [1]

The veil of forgetting is to allow us to make that choice without knowing what the end result will be.  The barrier is to keep us within the third density until such time as we have chosen the direction we want to take.  Each of our unique perspective, then, is the determining factor as to how we view the barrier.

This barrier is what keeps our bodies solid and constrains our emotional discharges and energies from dissipating into an otherworldly realm.  We don’t see this barrier because it exists as wavelengths beyond our normal senses.


The wavelengths maintain themselves around us because surprise! each of us is a unique and individuated black hole that attracts and suck in all photons that surround us.  The unique avatar that we are aware of as existing is actually just the surfaces of the event horizon, which holds all the data points that make up the US that we know.

Black Holes

whitegirlWe are individuated black holes.  Wherever we are, there is light—the rest of the room is dark.

We suck it all into our DNA and we use this light to maintain our huge well of electrical impulses which sizzles through our bodies and fires off all our nodes and connections.

I detailed this in one of my previous posts, Holographic Nature of Our Existence, where  it is not the empty volume inside the black hole that is used to store information but rather the surface area along the event horizon where all the information is stored.

Our DNA hangs out at the event horizon, and here is where all the data that makes up our existence is stored and activated when it is called upon to be activated.  More details about this can be found in my other posts Biophotons and the Magic Wavelength, and The Body Piezo Electric, where I go into detail about the biological aspects of photons.  In short, we exhibit the same attributes as black holes due to what we do to light.

Our entire mind and body is a huge magnet which attracts every ounce of light that comes our way from the universe.  If we could see ourselves in all the frequencies of energy, and in the way that others see us, this is what we would see.

We are the energetic principality of light which sparks the photon waves into matter.  

Ok, so all this is good and dandy, but what does this barrier have to do with louche?  Well, if you recall in the previous post, I gave the definition of quantum tunneling as a process where particles are fired at a barrier repeatedly so that it bounces back from the barrier, and that sometimes, in random fashion, the wave portion of the particle continues forward and jumps through the barrier, which creates a measurable voltage on the other side.

This barrier that allows for quantum tunneling, my friend, is the same barrier that we are ensconced behind, and it is in the shape of a cuboctahedron.


anime girl 207

cuboctahedronOh here goes.  Another one of those definitions.

A Cuboctahedron is a polyhedron with 8 triangular faces and 6 square faces. A cuboctahedron has 12 identical vertices, with 2 triangles and 2 squares meeting at each, and 24 identical edges, each separating a triangle from a square.

As such, it is a quasi-regular polyhedron, i.e. an Archimedean solid that is not only vertex-transitive but also edge-transitive. [2]

One of the great thinkers of our time, Buckminster Fuller, called the Cuboctahedron the Vector Equilibrium because when viewed from the exact center of the sphere, all vectors are exactly the same length and angular relationship.


“Balance between positive and negative is zero.  The Vector equlibrium is the true zero reference of the energy mathematics.

Zero pulsation in the Vector Equilibrium is the closest similarity that we know of God and Eternity.

The zero phase of the integrity inherent in the concept of positive and negative asymmetry that propagates the different forms of consciousness. ”  ~  Buckminster Fuller

This is the same geometry that Nassim Haramein theorizes accounts for the balanced stage of space itself and why we perceive it to be “empty” even though we know and it has been proven to be nearly infinitely full of energy at the quantum scale. [3]

What this means is that all the charges cancel out at the center of this geometry.  It is here that the movement of energy arrives at a state of absolute balance, and it is here that we exist in the 3rd density.

This image grouping should be familiar, as I’ve posted many times before, the torus shaped octahedron that can also be visualized as the tai-chi-tu, or the Tao sphere.

And here we come, back to the start of it all, with the connection of the vector equilibrium, to the torus, to the Tao symbol that was given to us so many thousands of years ago.  This was detailed in various locations of ancient Taoist texts, and it was a guidepost for us throughout the ages.  Just because it is new information for us does not mean it’s new information.

In any case, I have finally taken us to the point where I can begin the part that connects the barrier to the louche.  However, since this post is already long in the tooth, I will detail that in my next posting.  With luck, it will be the final one of this Louche series (unless I feel the need to add more about louche in a future time).

Till then, peace and love, and remember.  Don’t feed the trolls!  


[1]  Law of One

[2] cuboctahedron

[3]  The Fractal Holographic Universe

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