Louche Part 1: Feed Stock for Energy Beings


As a due diligence Taobabe, I try my best to write about things that I have enough sources at my fingertips to back up my assertions.  This is because I am trying NOT to be an agent-of-dis-information, and I try very hard to AVOID being labeled as an alternative-facts writer.

If it’s a dream, I tell you, It’s a dream.  If it’s a musing, I tell you, It’s just my imagination taking over.  Doing this cuts down on folks trying to tell me to get my head out of the clouds and look at things more objectively.  It also cuts down on those who challenge me on my recounting and recollections.

Having said that, Louche is one of those subjects that has been hovering around my subconsciousness for a very long time, and it refuses to go away.  Every time I read about something that may have some shades that provoke this train of thought, it gets triggered.

Once triggered, my brain takes it on and starts connecting far-flung dots that may have nothing to do with the subject at hand, but with enough patient unraveling by my ceaseless mind, reveal themselves deeply connected, when viewed through different lenses, or at different layers of reality.  So I’m going to go with this one and explore louche a bit further.

PencilGirlFirst things first.

I need to preempt the deluge of hate mail coming into my mail box by stating emphatically that Louche/Loosh is not found in any dictionary, past, present, or probable future.

It’s a made-up word, but aren’t all words made up at one point or another?

I think it’s been in use long enough that it should be in some dictionary, so let’s just throw into the objective, discussion ring, the currently-accepted definition of the word Louche/Loosh, in order for us to nail down, in concrete terms, what it is we are supposed to be discussing.

Louche / Loosh :   /lo͞oSH/
noun.  Initially originated as the French word Louche by author Robert Monroe.

  1. An energy generated by all organic life in varying degrees of purity, the clearest and most potent coming from humans-engendered by human activity, which triggers emotion, the highest of such emotion being Love.
  2. New Age term applied to energy produced by human beings that other entities use to feed from.
  3. Also used to refer to the negative energy that is produced by suffering that entities feed. 

So now that we have a definition of the word, let’s talk about this energy that is supposedly used to feed other entities.

As a fairly skeptical scientifically-leaning Taobabe, my first question is thus:  Does such a thing as Loosh (or as I prefer to call it, Louche) exist?


In an attempt to answer this question, I took a serious dive into the matter, hoping to figure out what it is and how to recognize its tell-tale signs.

After all, anything that exists must also produce some signature of its existence.  It must touch, however slight, the fabric of our reality so that it can affect us.  Without this interaction, it is either not real, or not relevant…take your pick.

If, however, we can find some sort of signature which portents the existence of Louche, then we have to, no matter how grudgingly, concede to its existence, however ephemeral.

Ancient alchemist texts (that I could get my hands on) regarding this phenomenon describe louche in the same manner as that of Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute and researcher of out-of-body phenomenon.  His book, Far Journeys, goes into details about his experiences when he went out-of-body to ask questions of his otherworldly contacts. [1].

What he found out about louche was so disturbing to him that  it caused him to become depressed for a long time.  In short, Monroe claimed that humans exist solely to provide louche for higher level energy beings.  As human husbandry, we are farmed for the single expressed purpose of producing as much louche as possible.

We are their food source.


Yes, I know.  My first gut instinct was to reject this premise as senseless foolishness.  After all, what does louche have to do with us, and how on Earth does it get generated?  Delving deeper into this madness generated more questions than they did answers, but I did come up with a few thoughts on this.

There is a reason why so many sources say that we have something most space-faring species do not have, and that is an over-abundance of human emotions.  We have the unique and innate capability to feel deeply–so much so that it is considered to be the reason why humans are so highly prized.  This is our greatest gift, and what makes us valuable, as a species.  But as with anything of value, it can be taken over and exploited.

Throughout humanity’s existence, otherworldly beings carefully selected those humans who exhibited high levels of emotional output and then genetically bred this ability to feel and express emotions into our human breed.  They do this in the same manner we genetically breed animals–by taking those desirable features that randomly occur in one animal and then breeding that desired quality until all its offspring consistently expresses that specific feature.

Then, these otherworldly beings generate events and outcomes that guarantee an acceptable return value of high emotional output.  The more intense the emotions, the more louche we generate.  During peace time, sports stadiums and concert halls are put into use as louche power houses.  Unfortunately, when society become too peaceful, louche production drops, and so disasters such as floods or earthquakes need to be created to increase the volume of louche.


If even that is not enough to satiate the hungry appetites of these higher beings, wars are generated to create louche.  The horrors and pain of war’s effects on humans produce high levels of louche.  When people die in horrible conditions, it doesn’t matter if they are soldiers or civilians caught in the cross-fire, louche explodes in abundance and is then siphoned off to be used by the spirit beings.

Of course, wars must be planned and contained so that the most louche can be generated with the least amount of damage.  Over-culling of the herd causes deficiencies in numbers which may affect future volumes of louche, so everything must be planned and then carried out by dedicated teams of worker louche harvesters.

Does this sound familiar?  I remember when I first heard of louche, my initial thought was that of a Disney movie I had seen some years back named Monsters, Inc.  In this movie, all the monsters work for a factory that does one thing:  They generate fear in people so that they can siphon off the fear to power their homes and businesses.  Without human fear, their world collapses.  [2]

Monsters, Inc. Disney 2001

Well, the pragmatic Taobabe in me has been rejecting this premise of the feasibility of louche for a very long time because I did not think there was any way to measure or quantify this louche.

There still isn’t a clear cut method to pinpoint this louche energy, but there is a very strong lead to this case, and it comes in the form of Quantum Tunneling. 

What does Quantum Tunneling have to do with Louche?  Well, it’s a bit involved, and this post is quite lengthy, so I will address it in my next post.  For now, my one advice to all my gentle readers is:

anime girl 18

Don’t feed the Trolls!!! 
Think happy thoughts, and love one another.

(Continue to Louche Part 2:  Quantum Tunneling)

[1]  Far Journeys

[2]  Monsters, Inc.

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