I Ching

I Ching:  Or a Tao Babe’s Illustrated Primer

The Ta Chuan – A Taoist Babe’s Guide Book to Understanding the I Ching




Time in a Trigram

Light Spirits and Dark Spirits

My Will Be Done, on Earth as It Is in Heaven

I Ching Hexagrams

Hexagram 1:  Six Dragons of Heaven

Hexagram 2:  Follow the Leader

Hexagram 4:  Ah, the Folly of Youth

Hexagram 5:  Nourishment for the Tao Babe

Hexagram 22:  Grace and the Tao Babe

Hexagram 31:  How to Influence Others Taofully

Hexagram 32:  The Secret to Staying Together

Hexagram 33:  Cutting Your Losses

Hexagram 35:  The Secret to Moving with Your Lover onto the Next Cog

Hexagram 61:  The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

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  1. hi, i love your blog so much. thank you for all the info. have you heard of the gene keys by richard rudd? https://genekeys.com he was able to create a synthesis between DNA and the i ching and is able to map out a profile based on this.


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