I Ching: Made in Vietnam (Part 1)

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The I Ching originated in Vietnam?  WOOOWWW!!!

Talk about shattering the age-old glass of firmly entrenched and ancient ideology, this one takes the cake!  Does this claim have even a leg to stand on?  Is there any definitive proof?  But more importantly, do we even care any more, at this late date, what with knowledge so widely shared and easily accessible?  After all, does it really make any difference to anyone where a particular piece of knowledge came from once it has been disseminated and spread out to the world?

I mean, it wasn’t really us who came up with all the cool ideas from ancient times, was it?  It was always some deity or immortal who gave the knowledge to the people.  In fact, we built most of our modern sciences, philosophies, mathematics, laws, agriculture, ect. off of all this base knowledge that was spread around the world in a liberal sweep designed to bring the ancient people out of the caves and onto the path towards scientific progress, and all of this happened at about the same time period.

Just think about this for a moment.  I know for sure there was much knowledge that the Sumerians had, which was full-blown and present at the start of their civilization.  Literally, one moment, they were eating bananas and living in trees and BOOM! in the next minute, they had a system of philosophy, law, science, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, architecture, etc.  There was absolutely NO archaeological evidence that could show a slow and steady progress which would lead up to that kind of civilization.  They just appeared out of nowhere, full-blown and fully civilized.  And you know what they said when they were asked about where they got the information?  They said it came from their gods!  Yes, that’s right.  They said their gods, the Anunnaki, taught them all they knew.  To this day, it is still a mystery where their information came from.

Go to ancient Mezo-America and we have the plumed Quetzalcoatl who came and taught the people everything they needed to know so they could build those massive pyramids all over the Amazon forests and Mexico.  Have you seen pictures of these places?  Huge megalithic stones weighing hundreds and thousands of tons, placed together so perfectly and with such mathematical precision that we cannot duplicate the feat, even today, with our technology.  And even here, their written and oral history is very clear.  The knowledge did not come from the people themselves.  The knowledge came from their serpent god.

So we go over to the area where China is now and just about all the inventions of the ancient Chinese was attributed to one mythical guy named Hwang Di (黃帝) or the Yellow Emperor—actually, in my language,hoàng means gold as well as yellow, but it is understood that the word, when used to describe birds and flowers means yellow, and when used to describe royalty means gold.  He would be called Hoàng Đế  or the Golden Emperor, in the Vietnamese language.  To the ancient Chinese, Hwang Di was a god.  He gave them everything:  architecture, mathematics, astronomy, and even the Chinese writing system.

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So now I’m starting to see a fine thread which runs through all these ancient places and where they got all their information.  Obviously, their gods gave it to them.  So I go back to the Vietnamese mythology and whatdya know, we got the same information from our gods too, except in our case, our gods were hybrid dragons and space humans—except we don’t call them space humans.  We just say that they were people who came from the skies, and the literal translation for people from the sky is ‘fairy’.

But in our case, they weren’t just our gods, they were also our ancestors.  The father of my people was  Lạc Long Quân (Dragon Lord of Lạc) who was the fifth-generation grandson of Thần Nông (Shennong 神农), the guy who taught the people living in the area that is now China about agriculture.  In fact, Thần Nông means Agriculture God.  He was the one who gave the Chinese the lunar calendar (it’s important to know when to plant and when to harvest, so a calendar would be crucial for this work).  Incidentally, he also introduced acupuncture, something that would be a by-product of understanding the Chi and the path that it takes through the human body.  But I digress—I was talking about his progeny,Lạc Long Quân.  

Our Dragon Lord married a lady from space!  Her name was Âu Cơ (嫗姬) and her father was the sky king.  That’s the reason we are called the Dragon Fairy Race.  After they were married, she and her husband gave birth to 100 children, all from a single egg sac.  Sounds decidedly amphibious to me because I can hardly imagine a single woman pushing that many kids out of a human womb…that would be quite horrendous, yes?  But we have to remember, they were immortals.  They didn’t have the same physiology that we do.  People back in those days, they lived for hundreds and hundreds of years.  If you check in the western Bible, you see folks living for very long periods of time back then.  Well, this is no different.

The other thing to remember also is that at this time in our scientific development, we can take the egg sac of any human female and fertilize hundreds of her eggs.  This is not science fiction or ancient fairy tales.  This is science fact.

beautiful-pair 4

At any rate, this is actually the first documented mutually agreeable divorce case.  After living with each other for a long, long time, they decided to part ways.  She took fifty children up to the mountains and he took fifty children down to the southern shores.  His fifty children are the ancestors of Bách Việt and her fifty children are the ancestors of Văn Langwhich is also where the first King of Vietnam came out of.

Yes indeed, their first born son became the first King of a brand new nation called Văn Lang.  His name was Hùng Vương, and this is where the claim for the origins of the I Ching begins.  It begins in my people’s language and in our art and our science.  Let’s start with language.

(…continue to I Ching:  Made in Vietnam (Part 2)

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  1. “the first documented mutually agreeable divorce case” haha :D. What an interesting view on this legend story of Viet! Though I think not many people will adopt this view, since this story emphasizes on the origin, unification and solidarity of Viet ancestors.


  2. Heheh…and for sure if you want to add some spin to your your life, especially if it involves children you cherish…divorce is THE best way.


  3. This is extremely interesting. I have felt called to the I Ching for so long, but/and have not felt ready. I have also felt called to Vietnam since I was a little girl (long story, but lots of dream experiences there). I am finally going in September. How the I Ching called when I booked my plane ticket! I didn’t know these two things were connected exactly. I am so fascinated. Your perspective on Tao and Vietnamese culture is much appreciated.


  4. Oh you will love it there. Rediscovering what you remember from within your soul’s past lives is like going on a treasure hunt, looking for precious gems that you have hidden everywhere to keep safe until you return to claim them. Please keep me updated on what you find. I look forward to hearing more about your journey.


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