Guardian of the Badlands

I have no idea why Apple Computers did not take this image and market their music players with.  The very intricately detailed human head is obviously enjoying some music from his white Apple headphones, courtesy of someone who decided that the location where his ear happened to be was a good place to dig an exploratory oil well.  They then placed a really sweet looking white road that led away from his ear, towards the main roadway so that he is now able to listen to some cool music from the Apple store.

ipodposterWell maybe they did use his image in a roundabout sort of way.  This lime green iPod advertisement certainly does not bring to mind the image of the dusty arid foothills of the Canadian Badlands Guardian.  When I look at it, all I think of is the set of white ear buds to my iPhone.

I think it is because the Badlands Guardian just doesn’t have that hot fresh newness to him that Apple needs to project into its products.  One cannot expect to garner such snazzy marketing strategies from a land formation created approximately 70 million years old years ago by those whose main objective is not to sell a product that was not going to be around for very long.  They had something far grander in mind.

indian-head-penny-1908The Guardian actually looks like an Indian head that you find on old pennies like this one.  In fact, the only difference is that the head on the penny doesn’t really look like a Native American.  I mean, come on.  Look at the nose and the chin on the penny.  It looks more like a Greek or Roman model wearing the feathered headgear of a Native American.    They got the right idea, but in 1908, the idealization of human beauty was not Native American, it was classical European.

Now, take a look at the Badlands face in the Google Maps and compare it with a real Native American.  This supposedly ‘naturally created’ land formation that looks like the facial profile of a Native American looks much closer to what a real Native American’s facial and bone structure would look like, even to this day.  20th century Americans got it wrong even though they had modern-day Native Americans to model their artwork after.  Ancient ancestors got it right even though we have no clue if there were even Native Americans back in those days when this land formation was first created.

And yes, I have heard of all the reasons why someone would think this is a very natural land formation, but I don’t think so, and I will explain the reason why I believe this is ancient artwork, done from above, by our ancient ancestors.

badlands lady & brave

The first time I heard of this land formation located at 50.010083,-110.113006 was back in 2006.  The discovery was made by Lynn Hickox who stated that that she found it, not by randomly scouring the maps looking for strange things, but by using the global grid patterns and then zooming in on those areas where the points intersect.  You can read more about the Earth grids in my posts Navels of the World, and The Great Square has no Corners.

As I have so often stated in my postings, our ancient ancestors were not dummies.  They had a reason for creating all those marvelous structures that we can barely duplicate (in many cases, we can’t even do it at all, our technology is simply not up to the standards as of 2012).  They did everything in a systematic and mathematical fashion, building humanity’s greatest works of art and architecture on an invisible (to us) grid of lines that intersect and crisscross over the entire earth.

Where the grids intersect in a multitude of angles, there was either a natural formation that was highly venerated or else some structure of immense scale and precision would be built there to denote the place as a power source.  Usually, it is a place where the local indigenous people come to worship and to venerate ancient gods.  Sometimes, it is underwater, and at those points, anomalous happenings occur.

In the case of the Badlands Guardian, we come upon such a Power Point.  The Earth grid lines up directly on the ear hole where the oil well was dug.


Here is another view of the grid lines, but this time, with the Badlands grid point at the top left.


And here is another view of the Badlands Guardian, this time without the gridline so you can see where the actual location of the Badlands Guardian is.  Notice that Stoney Indian Reserve is near by, and that it is very close to the border of the USA, where the Badlands rock formations continue downwards through North Dakota, all the way to South Dakota.


The formation itself is not a relief structure.  It is concave, meaning it is a valley, surrounded by cliffs which rise up to create the profile of her face and neck.  It is a drainage feature which is believed to have been created through the erosion of soft clay-like soil by millions of years of wind and water.

MarsFaceBy the way, and this is just a side note:  There is another concave face which is supposedly carved in the same manner as the Badlands Guardian, but it is found a very long way from here.

It is called The Crown Face, and it is not found on Earth.  We would have to make a trip out to Mars to see it.  Wind and water carved it, or so we’re told, in an arid and dry environment much like the Badlands.

But I digress…

Old Man NapiThe Alberta Badlands is a very sacred place.  The Blackfoot indigenous people of Alberta make no bones about it.  Prior to being moved into a reservation in Alberta, Canada, the Blackfoot people roamed these lands, from north of Alberta all the way down to South Dakota.

The face formation was known as Old Man Napi to the Blackfoot people.  Napi is their creator god.  He is a trickster of sorts, but he created their people and their lands.  The strange part of the myth of Napi is that he left the Blackfoot people, with a promise to return one day.  This sounds very similar to a promise that was made by various other creator gods such as Quetzalcoatl.

But it is not just the Badlands Guardian that holds spiritual significance to the Blackfoot, the entire Badlands area is of significance to them.  Nearby, the city of Medicine Hat bears the historic name that is the English translation of ‘Saamis’ (SA-MUS) – the Blackfoot word for the eagle tail feather headdress worn by medicine men – or ‘Medicine Hat’ …Prior to the arrival of Europeans the Blackfoot, Cree and Assiniboine nations used the area for hundreds of years. ~ Wikipedia.  This headdress is clearly seen on the Badlands Guardian and I can only speculate about the origins of the indigenous mythology which gave rise to such wondrous stories.

The Badlands and the Black Hills area is a huge place of worship for the indigenous tribes that live there.  Most recently, the Black Hills was put up for sale by the owners of the land.  The Native American tribes have been able to reach a deal to purchase the Black Hills Sacred Site, so at least there is an area of the Badlands that they can use to continue their timeless traditions of ceremony and veneration of the lands.

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  1. Very interesting. I agree, this formation is partially natural and partially “man” made. It seems there was an intelligence that was responsible for megalithic structures, the Renaissance and, imo, for savants and prodigies such as Nicola Tesla and that kid in Reno Nevada who built a nuclear reactor in his garage at 14 years old. If humans built these things there would be records, think about the stained glass produced in the Renaissance. We need to stop focusing on the transience of this world and take full advantage of the potential of our minds and ascend to Gods!


  2. Stoney is nowhere near the 49th parallel. It looks close to 200 miles from the border, while N&S Dakota are way to the east. That’s Montana that borders Alberta.
    There were no people there 12,000 yrs ago because it was then under 2 miles of ice. It was perhaps 8000 years ago when that ice sheet was gone from the area.
    Why is the Old Man’s nose full frontal while the rest is in profile? And why is there a horned demon-looking guy growing out of the top of his head? Did the Blackfoot make mention of this guy 30 or more years ago?
    Or before Google Earth? If it was so sacred, how did they allow oil and gas people up there to desecrate it?
    Or is he and all the other faces there just part of a natural formation.


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