Dream of the Butterflies


Butterfly Goddess

Graphic Art – Dan Barrett

Recently, I had a dream of a gift of butterflies, and in my attempt to share my dream with two very dear friends, I felt humbled and honored to have been given two precious gifts by them. My dream had been interpreted via a hauntingly beautiful poem titled Dream of the Butterflies and a beautiful graphic interpretation of the dream called Butterfly Goddess.

To my two dear friends, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also thank you for giving me permission to share these gifts with everyone, as I feel that the sharing and giving does not reduce or lose, but enhance and expand. We are truly the richer for having given of ourselves and our ideas and visions to others.

To you, my gentle readers. May you derive as much joy in reading the poem as I did.


Dream of the Butterflies

Your fantasy grove is the perfect ideal of this world
Which is truly a forest dark with danger.
The old man of your dreams, although unknown to you now,
Is a wise sage – he knows you are no stranger.

You wanted some ladybugs – your idea of the good
But the old man knew better the deep desire of your heart
Taking back the prosaic and useful he brought you beauty
The ethereal fliers, flying flowers, who are of this world, apart.

Your acceptance of the gift – an open heart indeed,
Not clinging to your small will, but a like a bending reed
The open hand can take the treasure, a clenched heart refuses,
The higher truth was given to you, the love that never “uses”.

The butterfly was once a grub – a blind and crawly thing
She spins her cocoon, hiding in the dark until the time is right,
Then she opens her heart, unfolds her new bright wings
She flies into the fragrant sky– enters the world of light.

The closed-up heart needs some time to learn
The sages want to share their treasure
We open our hearts to the eternal gift
The love so vast there is no measure.

– Pram

Please also enjoy my song, Butterfly of Hope.  It was written in the summer of 2003, but it is very appropriate for this page.

Butterfly of Hope

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