Dragons (Part 3): The Descent

(Continued from Dragons (Part 2) The Genetics )


The Dragons

Space is a thrill that has only one flavor.  It is an odd amalgamation of a deep cold hum coming from the ship’s immense internal machinery, mixed with the dry metallic tang of reconstituted air.  Every brightly lit hallway glares bleak and sterile, with only colored tabs of lights along the walls to indicate relative position to the rest of the ship.  Every single window shows a single scene–that of endless darkness studded with tiny diamond stars of every color imaginable.

As exciting as it may possibly seem, when one has been traveling through space for a certain amount of time, even the preternatural thrill of it begins to pall.  There is no escaping that monotony of endless darkness.  No amount of artificial, holographic, computerized virtual reality of a living, breathing ecosphere assuages that endless hunger for the real thing.

And there is no end to the enthralling escapade into nowhere.


Once experienced, it cannot be un-experienced.  A person becomes starved for bright organic colors and the plethora of living sounds that only a natural environment can provide.  The need to inhale fresh un-canned oxygen, commingled with the deep musky scents of earth, vegetation, and ocean, eventually grows from a dull ache to something akin to mental anguish.

Such was the internal turmoil of the space-faring community headed to Earth that day.  From their windows and terminals, they saw the aqua and sapphire oceans, the white mounds of cotton candy clouds, and the sundrenched emerald green earth.  Within them, the memories of their own watery planet, green and gold, and warm as a summer day, grew and grew.

Suddenly, a commotion in the waters drew their attention.  There is activity of a large scale.  What could it be?  There is a battle occurring.  Fleets of sea vessels were attacking living beings onshore.  The violence made them uneasy.  They wanted off the ship to ameliorate the violence.  They wanted to explore.


A command was issued.  The space-farers came streaming out of the mothership on the metallic wings of dragonflies.  Hovering above the aquamarine waters, they could see the situation.  To stop the fight, they would need to create a diversion, and they had to work quickly, using whatever materials they had on hand at the time.

Since the conflict was over a watery arena, the only materials they had on hand to support their advanced stone technology was the abundant limestone that made up the floor of the shallow sea that once was a part of Sundaland.


Most limestone is composed of grains made of skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as coral or foraminifera.  These animals leave their shells behind when they die, and over millions of years, there is a huge amount of this material, compressed in successive layers.   I wrote about this sunken continental shelf, Sundaland, in one of my previous posts, Sunken Paradise.

Using advanced frequencies, the spacefarers beamed a wave that caused the coral to vibrate at its resonant frequency.  Then, they used an electromagnetic field to flip the magnetic poles of the coral atoms so they were in opposition to the earth’s magnetic field, raising mounds of malleable sandstone up from their watery floor.


This caused a huge confusion and immediately ended the fighting below.  Those who sought to take over the land via the sea route had to retreat or die a quick watery death.  Those who lived on the land returned to the land and carried on with their normal little lives.  This area was then called Hạ Long, which means Descent of the Dragon.

Hạ Long

There are a few places on Earth that have been touched by that which can only be considered unearthly.  Those places are called Cradles of Civilization due to the fact that humans were given knowledge and genetic upgrades so that the usual extremely slow linear progression of evolution are considerably accelerated.  Western society knows of Sumeria as an ancient Cradle of Civilization, but it is not the only one.  One other such place is Hạ Long archipelago, made up of 1,969 mostly uninhabited islands.

It is beautiful.  The caves and rocky outcrops are visions out of fairy tales, and it is here that one of Vietnam’s most enduring fairy tales occurred.


It is written that early in the history of Vietnam, there were many wars which were waged upon the people by invading armies, wanting the land that the people lived upon.  One such battle came in the form of ocean vessels, attacking from the Eastern Sea (what is now known as the South China Seas).

In desperation, the king called upon his extraterrestrial ancestors for help, and help did indeed arrive in the form of a mothership that they call the Mother Dragon.


In the thick of battle, she  appeared from out of the blue skies, hovering above what is now known as the Hạ Long archipelago.  At the time of the battle, there was no archipelago.  The entire area was part of the Eastern Sea.

From within the Mother Dragon, a multitude of baby dragons (smaller fighter ships) emerged.  They did something miraculous.  No one is clear what they did, and historical accounts vary, but they all agreed on one thing.  Whatever that was done, it was spectacular, and godlike.

sliceOrock Some say they spat out rocky outcrops that crushed the invaders’ fleet of vessels, and that these rocky outcrops transformed into the islands of the archipelago.  Others say the outcroppings materialized from under the water and emerged, fully formed.

One thing is fairly certain.  These were, without a doubt, visitors from outer-space.  Whether they were human or reptilian is still up for debate.

It doesn’t really matter to us Vietnamese, really.  Reptoid or humanoid, they were part of our ancient history, in the far distant past, before the epic Battle of Hạ Long.

I detailed a tiny portion of this in one of my previous posts, Dragon Genetics.  What is scientific fact is that we have their DNA running through our bodies, which allowed us to evolve quickly, into homo sapient sapient beings, as opposed to allowing for the slow plodding speed of evolution to take its course for millions and millions of years.  We owe them our thanks for this.

We also owe them for much of our ancient knowledge and technology.  Rice, silk, paper, astronomy, mathematics, architecture, animal husbandry, even the beloved I Ching were all given to us so that we could quickly move out of the dark ages and push forward as much as possible.


The dragons knew we did not have much time left to evolve due to catastrophes that rocked our world, so they gave us a tiny portion of their knowledge.  This was supposed to have been our handbook, but we, in our ignorance, could not fully comprehend the meanings behind the words and images, and instead, began worshiping the messages and the messengers.  Hence, the births of hundreds and thousands of different religions, all having to do with the descent of the beings from above.

The Dragons are still out there, some benevolent..some malevolent.  It will take astute discernment to determine what is what, and who is who.  May we be given the wisdom to make those decisions when the time comes.

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