Daemonic World 2: Cosmospolitanic View


(Continued from Daemonic World)

I truly have gone off my rocker.  I mean–I’m not the most normal person in this world, but I’ve always thought normalcy was rather over-rated.  Still, I am reaching into areas where even the crazies don’t touch.

Who in their right mind would become fascinated with the vague idea that a daemonic world exists, as indicated within an ancient book, and then try to project that vague idea into modern-day science?

In my last post, I talked about the idea that we, of the mutable yang world, live within the dark area of the taijitu.  That means this:

universeSphereThe Universe, as imaged by Sloan Digital Sky Survey. 

…is within this:

taijituUniverseThe Universe, as imaged by Sloan Digital Sky, within the Taijitu, as imagined by the Taobabe

Since I’ve gone through all the trouble of placing the mutable yang toroidal Universe sphere in its correct placement, I also have to do the same for the immutable yin toroidal Universe sphere.

Here it is.


Purdy, ain’t it?  I think this is about as close as we’re going to get to understanding my Mandelbrot Bed Bugs dream the other night (more on this later).  This Taijitu is really not a single instance.  It is but one fractal, embedded in yet other fractals.  Layer after layer, all doing the same old thing, over and over and over, yet with just enough wiggle-room to be slightly different with each iteration.

That Taijitu of the two Universe spheres is the snapshot for our family photo album, folks.  This is everybody in our family.  I’m not even going to touch other people’s families.  I can barely handle the enormity of expanding my circle of love to include both our Universe and that of the Daemonic sphere.  I can’t even hop over to another sphere.  I haven’t grown that much yet.

Baby steps.  Baby steps.

Next, I’m going to zero in and zoom down to inspect the Daemonic world.  It should be a hell of a ride.

(to be continued)

[1]  Sloan Digital Sky

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