Change 6: The Cyclic/Sequent Connection


(Continued from Change (Part 5):  Sequent Change)

It has been awhile since I last posted anything of much substance, having been immersed in, of all things, meditative knitting.  After meditating (and knitting) about this for a bit, I realized I needed to finish out my train of thought about Change, which had taken me five postings to get to this point.

I wanted to talk about why it was that there are three types of Changes and how they are connected.  This is not an academic question.  Nor is it trivial.  Nothing in this Universe is purposeless, much less something this important.  So…why is it?  Why does Cyclic and Sequent go together?   Why does Cyclic Change even need Sequent Change?

My mother had always wondered why I always ask, “Why?”  It’s such a juvenile thing to do, don’t you think?  I would always get a quick response from her:

“Don’t ask why.  Just accept what I say and do it.”
“You’re just saying that because you DON’T KNOW why.” I shot back.
“Well, since you think I don’t know why, maybe you can go figure it out and then teach me what you learned,” she countered, and turned back to whatever chore she was doing.

In my usual smart aleck fashion, and the overwhelming drive to prove my mother wrong (or any figurehead, actually), I would go digging for the truth.  Or my truth, at least.

Most of the time, I end up realizing the reasoning behind it, and my brain would grow a micron layer of thickness in intelligence.

fightinggirlAnd then I’d go to whoever threw out that challenge so that I could speak my truth, only to find that they didn’t really care to discuss it with me in the first place.

They were just trying to get me to go away.

But it allowed me to learn things, if only to shore up my arguments.  It also allowed me to annotate my points so that I could back things up with some proof.  After all, I was always known to be a strong and vivid storyteller, a multi-medium artist, a kid with a wild imagination who could spin crazy yarns about things that were so fantastical that there was no way it could be real.

I was only good at showing what my imagination could conjure up, but truths…truths needed much more rigorous methods of conveyance.

To be taken seriously, I needed to get the backing of high level important people.  Who can be more authoritative and serious-sounding than the ancients who wrote the Ta Chuan?

Here we go:

12:4  Heaven and Earth determine the places.  The holy sages fulfill the possibilities of the places.  Through the thoughts of men and the thoughts of spirits, the people are enabled to participate in these possibilities.  ~ Ta Chuan  [1]

Ehhh?  What did you say?

You don’t see anything about Cyclic and Sequent Change in this passage?   I guess that’s my fault, because I really should include the passage immediately before that one.

12:3  Therefore:  The changes and transformations refer to actions.  [1]


OK, we now have that trigger word:  Changes.  But what does this sentence mean in relationship to the Cyclic and Sequent Changes we’ve been talking about?

Please allow me to parse this out for you.

Once we have determined where our Nonchanging baseline is; ergo the center of Earth: 000, we have satisfied the section that states Heaven and Earth determine the places.  That’s pretty straightforward.  What comes next is the strange part:  The holy sages fulfilling the possibilities of the places.

What in blazes does that mean?

Bear up with me here.  In one of my previous posts, I talked about the holographic nature of our existence, which basically asserts that we exist inside a holographic environment, something that Michael Talbot wrote about back in 1991, in his book, The Holographic Universe.

It took sixteen years before it was accepted by mainstream scientific community.  On January 30, 2017, about a week ago, to be exact, Science Daily ran an article which stated that there was substantial evidence for the theory of a holographic universe.

Think about this.  If our Universe is a hologram, then the question that begs to be asked is, WHO created the hologram?  WHO developed the codes and QA the product so that we would have a (mostly) functioning environment?  Of course, we could say, “Oh, it’s a natural product of the evolution of the universe,” and we would of course be correct.  After all, life evolves and eventually becomes sentient enough to maintain a Universe-sized hologram.  I can dig that.  So who would these life forms be?

punkIt would have to be our friendly neighborhood holy sages, of course.

We can also call them Ascended Light Beings, or gods, or whatever we prefer.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s all the same entities.

Their job is to make sure we have a classroom space to do our job (more about our job later).  They put all this together, monitor the progress, dutifully arrange karmic reactions suitable to the actions initiated, and audit the final grades to pass or not pass the students, among other things.

They do this as part of their own work to continue their ascension process to allow them to move onto the next level.  We will get here eventually, but not just yet.  Gotta crawl before we can walk.

In creating the holographic universe, these holy sages also put into play, astral cyclic patterns that are mathematically aligned and precise so that it can be self-regulating as well as easy to trouble-shoot should anything go wrong.

This gave us much to play with, as we peeps got smart and realized that we could predict with a high amount of accuracy, events that would transpire, based upon where we fixed our initial astral baseline.  This is where Astrology came into play, and how understanding our star charts allowed us to map our destinies–destinies that were written into the stars (actually, we wrote them into the stars ourselves…but that’s another post for another day).

OK so we have discussed the Nonchange and the Cyclic, which leaves us with the Sequent, which can be found in this passage.  Through the thoughts of men and the thoughts of spirits, the people are enabled to participate in these possibilities.

Sequent Change, as discussed in my last posting regarding Changes, needs to satisfy the Duality Requirement in order to occur.

To reiterate the Duality Requirement:  [The I Ching]…has principles which contain the categories of all that is–literally, the molds and the scope of all transformations.  These categories are in the mind of man; everything, all that happens and everything that undergoes transformation, must obey the laws prescribed by the mind of man.  Not until these categories become operative do things become things. [1]

So it is that the thoughts of man intermesh with the thoughts of spirits and allows man (that’s us) to transmute thoughts into things.  In other words, we are our own instruments to enact sequent change.  All these sequent changes are OUR changes.  We created them in our minds and introduced them into the pristine orderly world that the holy sages had created for us.  We are the agents of chaos.  We do this so everyone can move onto the next stage of our spiritual evolution.  How is this so?  This is so because we are in school.

The Spirit School is complex, with many layers for us to play in.  We are currently at a critical juncture where we are in a state of unbalance.  We can see this unbalanced stance in the diagram of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.


Notice that the two top points of the square, right where the man’s hands are located, stick way outside the circle.  If there was anything that could possibly be construed as the Original Sin, this would be it.  We are indeed, flawed.

We don’t balance!

In a Universe filled with precise geometries, we are flailing and sticking out at odd angles.  That’s because we outgrew the balanced stages of our existence (densities one and two) and are currently in a very unstable density (third).  Since this is an important concept, I will dedicate more time to it in a future posting, so bear up with me.

Since this stage is rather difficult due to the fact that we were born without a manual to circumnavigate ourselves (not to mention the fact that we also got fricking amnesia and have to figure this out blind, deaf, and mute), to move onto our next stage, we need the holy sages’ help.  But in helping us, they also help themselves.  Or rather, we actually help them!

You see, WE are the unpredictable third Change in both the world of the immutable and unchanging, and the precise, clockwork cyclic change, and that is POWERFUL.  Do not feel as if we are inferior to the holy sages.  We are not.  We are merely at a different stage, and will eventually grow into the place where they are now.


In fact, WE are needed to do all the things that we do, so that the holy sages can learn and grow and move onwards to the next iteration of octaves (yes 8…more on this later).  This means that the holy sages require us just as much as we require them, to grow and move forward.

Heh!  I’m liking this Spirit School more and more.  Hang onto your seats because we are moving forward at the speed of light.

[1]  Ta Chuan

[2]  Science Daily (Jan 30, 2017):  Substantial Evidence of Holographic Universe

[3]  The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

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