Goddess of Frequency 2: C# Vectors


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It has been an awfully long time since I last wore my Goddess of Frequency costume.  It doesn’t quite fit as well as it did the last time I wore it…some years back.  It’s also gone out of style, but that’s ok.  As long as it allows me to send out a single frequency, I’m happy.

I don’t even need much energy to emit the frequency that I need, to do the work of life magic.  For the destruction of meteors, or for levitation of huge boulders, I need very high frequency, within the ballpark of 40 khz.  That’s because there is a relationship between the intensity of sound in decibels and the magnitude of the pressure wave.

The math looks like this:


But for life magic, and to maintain the frequency of my tower, I don’t need much.  Life magic only requires a super low frequency.

7.83 Hz

The 7.83 Hz frequency is part of the Schumann Resonances, a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field.[1]  My mind unconsciously emits this necessary range from between 7 to 8 Hz anyway, amidst other brain waves of equal importance.



The only difficult part is to isolate and bring this necessary frequency into dominance, and then maintain this ultra-low frequency for an extended period of time, enough to do what I have to do.

There are five different but intermingling brainwaves:

  • Gamma (27 Hz and up): information processing and insight
  • Beta (12 – 27 HZ)): alert and focused activity (wakefulness)
  • Alpha (8 – 12Hz): state of relaxation
  • Theta (3-8 Hz): light sleep or deep relaxation; daydreaming and REM dream state; ideal for self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy
  • Delta ( less than 3 Hz): deep dreamless sleep [2].

All brainwaves are important for my continued growth and development, but I don’t need all of them running at peak levels all the time.  How would I sleep if beta ran amuck?  And I’d never get anything done if theta got stuck.

The only way I know how to do this without external intervention is to meditate so that my brain is relaxed enough to drop down between the alpha and theta region.

C# Vector:


It’s not brain surgery, and it’s not rocket science, so it doesn’t have to be exact.  As long as I can get down to between 7 and 8, we’re cooking.  I have found though, that there is no need to chant specific and prescribed incantations from ancient languages just because it’s been done traditionally and through expediency  for thousands of years.

Some people feel that specific magical incantations are filled with power and should be used, and it is my opinion that if you think this is the case, then by all means use it because its power lies in your steadfast belief.

However, my experience has shown that just about anything boring enough that I don’t have to think about will do the same, as long as I aim for an approximate C# tone at about 432 Hz, a range that my female voice can reach.

A long time ago, some really smart dude came up with an easy chant, along this same vein of thought, that even little kids could do.  It’s called Om.  That seemed easy enough, so i did the Om bit for awhile.

sleepyIt worked quite well, but after some time, the one word got boring, and when the Taobabe gets bored, she falls asleep.

That’s the problem with alpha/theta waves…they kinda make me sleepy, so I started trying out other chants, like the Gongyo.

Let me tell you about the Gongyo. [3]

Between the age of 11 and 13, I would go hang out at a local Nichiren Shōshū temple, not because I was into thirteenth-century Japanese Buddhism, but because they gave away free lunches to anyone who sat in on their Gongyo chanting prayer groups.  At the temple, the monks taught me how to meditate, and I used to chant the Daimoku Nam myoho renge kyo, not because it was filled with power and tradition but because it was the first chant I had ever learned.

It may seem strange that a kid would want to be in a temple on a nice summer day and chant, but unlike other kids with parents who took them to summer camps and swimming classes, I had nothing to do during summers, and it was either spend an hour chanting words that had no meaning to me, followed by good food afterwards, or hang around the house with nothing to do but watch tv, and eat peanut-butter sandwiches.


While other kids got extra study sessions, learned how to swim and surf, and in general, did things which improved their knowledge base so they could get into better universities, after hearing theGongyo chanted for 3 entire summers, all I had managed to do was memorize the entire dang blasted liturgy by the simple absorptive powers of my bored brain.

I still can chant it in its entirety to this day even though I have no idea what the meaning of the chant is.  It was just something to mumble along during a basic meditation session. The Daimoku does the job of meditation just fine, but then, in that vein of thought, just about anything I chanted would do the same thing.

Wasabi is a good word to mutter over and over.  So is banana.  The funny thing is, once I chant a single word over and over, it loses its meaning, and turns into a vector for the C# tone sound wave to ride on.  Remember, I’m only trying to increase alpha/theta waves, not walk on water, so any old chant will do, as long as I don’t fall asleep halfway through.

Bear up with me.  I am laying all this out so that I can get into the main part of this posting:  Life Magic.

(continue to Goddess of Frequency 3: Life Magik)

[1]  Schumann Resonances

[2]  Brain waves

[3]  Buddhist Liturgy

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