Black Sorcery and Demonic Cat Bùa Ngải



I like cats.  In fact, when I was younger, my family owned several.  Missy was my favorite. She was a black street cat that always came home for dinner, and then slept with us, but during the day, she was constantly on the prowl, looking for mice and birds to supplement her meal.  And yes, we fed her every day, but she loved the thrill of the hunt.  She was a real predator–the lean and hungry type.  She was a healthy one and only died because of old age (I think she hit 15 or 16).

She does this because she’s a carnivore.

This then brings me to the crux of this posting.  The real reason why CATS are used in black sorcery, as opposed to dogs or pigs or goats, is because they are carnivores.  Let me explain.

Carnivorous Tendencies


Unlike dogs and various other domesticated animals who can eat vegetation and grains, cats are obligate carnivores  because they absolutely have to eat meat since they have no way to digest plant material.  If you feed them nothing but plant material, they will quickly die of starvation.  They MUST feed on flesh to live.  If they don’t eat meat, they die.

cats2Civilizations around the world, and throughout the ages know the power of cats.  From ancient Egypt to ancient Asia, cats have occupied a position of power, reserved to them by those who are able to wield this power.

Magic was used by the ancient Egyptians to achieve goals and was often thought to make dreams come true.  It was seen as a way to communicate with the gods, ask for good luck, and also a way to interact with the spiritual world.

Heka, the magic of ancient Egyptians, continues to be practiced today, within monumental temples, usually without an audience.

The Ngải Masters (Black Sorcerers) of ancient Asia also know this power, and they will use the cat’s carnivorous needs to force them to comply.  Faced with starvation, they do what they must, to stay alive.  This is not blood thirst. This is simple hunger and a desire to stay alive.

Feral Cats


To create a cat bùa ngải, as opposed to a plant bùa ngải, the Ngải Master (Black Sorcerer) usually finds a homeless cat that would be either wild or semi-feral.  This is so that it would be able to do things that completely tame cat cannot do.

For example, some cats are housebound and have never climbed a tree, scamper through vast expanses of wilderness, or run fast enough to keep from getting hit by a vehicle.  These types of cats cannot be used to carry out duties because their bodies are too soft from inactivity.  They have no muscles that can do real predatory work, and they have not developed the necessary skills to kill with efficiency.

cats8Once a good candidate feral cat has been identified (ie not maimed or lame, and still have all sensory organs in good condition), they are taken in, to begin the process of turning them into a cat bùa ngải.

The first thing they do is kill this cat in a way that does not damage its physical form so that it can move normally.  They do this to obtain a vessel into which the spirit can then occupy.  Then the Ngải Masters use spells and various methods to call forth demons to possess the cat’s body.  This is called Bỏ Công Trục Ngải.

I am rarely sure of anything, but in this, I am unequivocally sure.  It is not a pleasant thing to do to any sentient being, be they of this world or another, so be prepared to pay a heavy karmic price.  Taking slaves and then making them commit atrocious crimes, whether from this reality or another, is a major crime against the Universe.  Since we are the Universe, we are actually committing the crime against ourselves.

There is no way to justify this action by saying that the spirit being is a demon already, so enslaving it is not a bad thing.  This is absolutely wrong.  If that spirit was indeed, a fearful and powerful demon, it would never fall into the traps that the Ngải Master has set for it, and lost its paternal soul fragments.

trappedlIn the vast majority of cases, the ‘demon’ is really just a spirit being living in another realm, that has been captured by the Ngải Master, who then steals their three paternal soul fragments (Sảng LinhThai Quang, and U Tinh) called Hồn ( ) by various means, including barter or outright theft.

The spirit being, having sold (or lost) their soul to the devil (aka Ngải Master), must now pay their dues to get it back.

I wrote about this process in one of my previous posts, Black Sorcery and Ngải Plant 2, so I will not go into the details and methodology.  The process I detailed is for the creation of a plant bùa ngảibut it is similar for a cat bùa ngải, with a few notable differences.

In most instances, to be able to effect real changes in this dimension, you have to have a real physical body.  Otherwise, it’s just ‘read-only’, and you can’t do anything.  If you are interested in learning more about the working details of the 10 souls, check out the post that I wrote, Hồn Vía (Part 3): The Fracturing of Souls.

Once the Ngải Master has obtained the three soul fragments, he then ‘staples’ these soul fragments into the corresponding receptacle points in the cat where these soul fragments normally reside, allowing the ‘demon’ to take possession of the cat’s anatomy.

bloodOnce the cat has been possessed by the chosen demon, it is then set loose upon the intended victim.  As soon as the victim is exposed to the cat bùa ngải, their limbs will initially ache.  Slowly, the ache will begin spreading to the rest of their body, eventually reaching their hearts.  They will writhe painfully, as if being stung by a thousand needles. 

This is because the cat bùa ngải, starved of food, is in the process of devouring the victim’s internal organs, much in the same manner as the plant bùa ngải eats the internal contents of an egg without touching the shell itself

During this time, the victim will suffer tremendously, from psychological attacks which will cause them to live in fear and paranoia.  They cannot eat or sleep, often beset with a restless desire to commit suicide.  If the cat bùa ngải is not cast out, in a short amount of time, the victim will vomit blood and soon after, will die.

girl624This type of bùa ngải is very wicked. Very evil.   Needless to say, it is best not to dabble in this.  Not only will you stand a very high chance of getting possessed yourself, you may also be convicted by your government’s laws.

Currently, the Vietnamese government has in their books  According to statute 158/2013/NĐ-CP VPHC of Culture, Sports, Tourism, and Advertising, anyone caught doing black magic will be fined over $4,285.00 US dollars and 3 to 10 years hard labor (ain’t no such thing as sitting around in a posh jail cell, pumping iron or reading books from a library.  It’s all hard labor if you get convicted of crimes).

Currently, there are no laws on the books in the USA that have to do with practicing black magic for the purpose of doing harm to another person.  Americans don’t believe in this type of crime, so to them, it doesn’t exist.  However, I will detail a few other types of black magic crimes that actually cause provable physical harm to another human being, in which case, it would be apprehendable via normal means.

(to be continued)

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