Biophotons and the Magic Wavelength

unseen fairy

We are beings of light.  We create our own realities.  We see what we want to see, no more and no less.

So…wanna see some magic?

Since we can only see and hear a very small bandwidth of wavelengths (see my explanation on our visual and audio bandwidth in Solid State of Sound and Dreamstate:  Holograpich & Multidimensional) we are blind and deaf to most of the magic that happens all around us, occupying other wavelengths and in other dimensions.  So where is that magic bandwidth where stuff happens?  (drum roll please)

The answer is:  380 nanometers.  Yep, ladies and gentlemen, 380 nanometers is the magic realm where all things happen.  It is where the most wondrous magic occurs—Life Magic.


It is at the absolute bottom of the scale where our eyes can still (barely) make out something of the visible portion of light that goes into the darkness of violet and into ultra-violet.  It is that shadowy twilight existence where what can be seen is but shadows of what actually exists.  All the magic occurs within this very small band of waves (and all matter is nothing but waves anyway) where life has the ability to reorganize itself by following the blue print that is being directed at it via photons that stream from every direction in the known universe.

Lacking in words to describe this phenomenon, we Taoists have been calling it the Tao for…for like forever!  It’s now come back into vogue and is called by various different names like The Source, The Force, The Field, The Force Field, The Source Field, the Matrix, etc.  Whatever name we choose to ascribe to it does not matter.  It is describing the exact same living process.  This living process allows for magical occurrences only because we look at it and we think it is magic.  It’s not really magic, but as Arthur C. Clark once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

The magic in this wavelength had been discovered way back in 1970 by a scientist by the name of Fritz-Albert Popp who discovered that if you take a living cell and radiate it with strong UV light, killing off 99% of its cell matter (including its DNA), the damage can just about be repaired in 24 hours by simply illuminating the cell with the same wavelength at a much weaker intensity.  That special weaker UV intensity is the magical 380 nanometer that is shown in the diagram above.

This was true only for living cells though.  Dead cells did not have this light property.


In an old documentary film taken in the laboratory at the International Institute of Biophysics, Dr. Popp opens a chamber about the size of a bread box.

He places a fresh cutting from a plant and a wooden match in a plastic container inside the dark chamber and closed the light proof door.

Immediately he switches on the photo-multiplier and the image shows up on a computer screen. The match stick is black while the green, glowing silhouette of the leaves is clearly visible.

Dr. Popp exclaims, “We now know, today, that man is essentially a being of light.”**

biophotonsThere was a fascinating book which came out back in 1995, a full twenty-five years after this knowledge had been floating around the academia hallways, ignored and left to wither in a musty corner.  The book is titled Biophotons – The Light in Our Cells, written by Dr. Marco Bischof.

It was very well-received by the European public, but since it was in German, the vast majority of the English-speaking world would not have the chance to share in the knowledge of the discovery until much later.

I tracked the book down and tried to translate it, but unfortunately, Google Translate is a hairy beast when it comes to extremely complicated matters, and this one is a doozie of a complex subject.

In March 1, 2000, The Journal of Cancer Research and the American Journal of Cancer wrote about the process of cell-repair via photoreactivation.  They call it photorepair, and although they fell short of ascribing this process to human cells (which would open up a whole can of worms that they did not want to touch at the time), they did not disputed its validity. *

Lucky for us, someone did write about this phenomenon, describing Popp’s work in layman’s terminology.  Her name is Lynne McTaggart and in her book titled The Field, she describes the events that started Fritz-Albert Popp’s discovery of the magic wavelength and his continuing research into the matter:

A prestigious journal on cancer agreed to publish his paper. At the time of his discovery, Popp was already celebrated among his peers for being a whiz kid. Popp was celebrated for his paper. He was invited to speak to the world’s leading cancer researchers. Popp’s science was unassailable, except for one detail: it assumed that a weak light of 380 nm was being produced in the body.  Most of the researchers thought this was some kind of joke. Only one researcher believed him, a photochemist from Madame Curie Institute.

Popp agreed to supervise Bernhard Ruth for his PhD, if he could show there was light in the body. Ruth thought it a ridiculous suggestion. Of course there was no light in the body. “OK” said Popp; “show me evidence that there isn’t light in the body”.

Light of course, is present in plants, the source of energy in photosynthesis, so to prove Popp wrong, and to get his PhD, Ruth developed a machine that could count photons in plants. The photo-multiplier picked up photons of high intensity from cucumber seedlings. Then they tested potato sprouts grown in the dark. In this case, the photo-multiplier registered an even stronger intensity of light. Popp also discovered the photons in the living systems he had examined were more coherent than anything he had ever seen, and that all living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit biophotons which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be measured (p 42)

In quantum physics, coherence means that subatomic particles are linked by bands of common electromagnetic fields, so they can ‘communicate’. They are like a multitude of tuning forks that all begin resonating together. As they get into phase, they begin acting like one giant wave.  Usually this level of coherence , called a Bose-Einstein condensate, is only observed in super-fluids and superconductors, a few degrees above absolute zero.

Popp found with experimentation that molecules in the cells would respond to certain frequencies and that a range of vibrations from the photons would cause a variety of frequencies in other molecules of the body. The most important question was, where were the photons coming from? (pg 44)

From experiment, Popp showed that one of the most essential sources of biophoton emission wasDNA. **

Ok, so we talked about light being in all living cells, and that dead cells don’t have this light within them.  Well, WHERE do you think this light is coming from?  Where do you think this light is being stored?  If you answered DNA, then you basically understand the process of biophotons.  Here’s what Dr. Marco Bischof said in regards to DNA photons:

According to the biophoton theory developed on the base of these discoveries the biophoton light is stored in the cells of the organism – more precisely, in the DNA molecules of their nuclei – and a dynamic web of light constantly released and absorbed by the DNA may connect cell organelles, cells, tissues, and organs within the body and serve as the organism’s main communication network and as the principal regulating instance for all life processes. The processes of morphogenesis, growth, differentiation and regeneration are also explained by the structuring and regulating activity of the coherent biophoton field. The holographic biophoton field of the brain and the nervous system, and maybe even that of the whole organism, may also be basis of memory and other phenomena of consciousness, as postulated by neurophysiologist Karl Pribram an others. The consciousness-like coherence properties of the biophoton field are closely related to its base in the properties of the physical vacuum and indicate its possible role as an interface to the non-physical realms of mind, psyche and consciousness.

The discovery of biophoton emission also lends scientific support to some unconventional methods of healing based on concepts of homeostasis (self-regulation of the organism), such as various somatic therapies, homeopathy and acupuncture. The “ch’i” energy flowing in our bodies’ energy channels (meridians) which according to Traditional Chinese Medicine regulates our body functions may be related to node lines of the organism’s biophoton field. The “prana” of Indian Yoga physiology may be a similar regulating energy force that has a basis in weak, coherent electromagnetic biofields. ***

All of a sudden, we go from hard-core science, and dive right into the well of mysticism.  Dr. Bischof talked about homeopathic healing, acupuncture, and somatic therapies.  He even talks about the chi energy that comes from the Tao, and all of the related magic and alchemy of Taoism which utilizes as its energy source, all this biophotons.  All this sounds as if it is on the fringe of solid science, and as is apparently the case in just about all scientific matter, it is the craziest of ideas that turn out to be the most accurate way of describing nature as we know it.

Keep in mind that he is a reputable scientist whose aim is to understand the truth and then to explain that truth.  How we interpret the truth, that’s up to us.  We can call it nonsense and continue with our pursuits of daily life, or we can call it magic and choose to accept the result without needing to understand the why of it all.  We can also look behind the curtain and see how the magic really works.  Let’s start off with the incredible magic of DNA and Spontaneous Evolution.

*Photorepair Prevents Ultraviolet-induced Apoptosis in Human Cells Expressing the Marsupial Photolyase Gene.  The Journal of Cancer Research.  The American Journal of Cancer.  March 1, 2000.

** McTaggart, Lynn.  The Field.   HarperCollins.  New York.  New York.  Jan. 2, 2008.

***Bischof, Marco. PhD.  Biophotons – The Light in Our Cells.  Germany.  1995

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  1. Sadly, I am untutored in German. I do have a friend who assured me that she could read German. Alas, the subject material is too steep for her to translate. I can only hope that the German community will be able to make heads or tails out of this book and translate it some time in the future for the rest of us non-Germanic people. 🙂


  2. This post gave me a great idea, which would also harmonize well with your Yijing interests. In 1998 after quite a few months of trying I arranged a sequence of sixty-four black and white beads on a bracelet. Taken six at a time, you get all hexagrams in the I Ching, once and only once. Thinking of using the arrangement to create a wearable smart electronic jewelry line teaching the basics of binary using a >3000 year old database. LEDs transmitting at the frequency mentioned in this post are a definite possibliity!

    Keep up the great work TB, I love the content and its wide range!



  3. Tao Babe, this is extremely important work that you’ve shared. Thank you for it. My company has a platform which works on the principles outlined in some of this research. We would be happy to send you one for use in Meditation or plant cultivation. You are welcome to review our page here;

    You may call in your shipping details to 800 800 8879, ask for David.

    Thanks again, you’ve done great work over the years here.


  4. The Wachowskis aren’t going to be happy to find out they mixed up the pill colors.

    On Thu, Jun 2, 2016 at 10:38 AM, Thoughts of a Taoist Babe wrote:

    > David White commented: “Tao Babe, this is extremely important work that > you’ve shared. Thank you for it. My company has a platform which works on > the principles outlined in some of this research. We would be happy to send > you one for use in Meditation or plant cultivation. You a” >


  5. wtf? Sorry David White, didn’t mean to repost any of your reply…that’s what happened when I used ‘Reply’ within gmail to send a reply to TB’s new blog entry notification…will post directly on her blog from now on…


  6. With this new nugget of information I am increasing the frequency of my illumination source from infrared to to blue…and I must report:


  7. David, thank you for your response and your very kind offer. I will check out your website and read up on your research. (this stuff is so trippy, it makes me feel like I’m reading up on magic that actually works!)


  8. Bud and Allen, Great catch!!!

    The color pills were arbitrary in choice—the color of the magic wavelength, not so arbitrary. It is specified by its position within the amplituhedron. Here is where the most interesting aspects of organic particle interactions occur.


  9. I agree with the words, “this living process allows for magical occurrences only because we look at it and we think it is magic. It’s not really magic…”.

    This “living process” being what “Taoists call the Tao?”


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