Midsummer Knight’s Dream


Okay.  You’ve dragged it out of me.  I can no longer deny that I am a witchy Tao Babe, because I must admit to the fact that I do consult the Tarot cards on a frequent basis and I do use the powers of the crystals.

Having said that, this is not a witchy blog.  It is a Tao blog, so I will go no further with my witchy allusions, and simply continue with the subject at hand.  How to do a divination using the Tarot cards and the I Ching as a fused entity.

This is a sample reading of the Tarot/I Ching Fusion Divination Method and is used to show how the two methods can be fused to create a single insightful divination that would allow the strengths of the two methods to shine forth.  I had originally decided to ask for advice about something fairly innocuous, but as you will see, nothing is innocuous when it comes to the Universe.  The questions you pose may give you answers you are not really wanting to hear, but hear you must, as it is part of growing up and growing into the light.

My question to the I Ching and the Tarot was:

Tell me about this summer.  What does this summer hold for me?

I got Hexagram #61 for the structural divination and a combination of very interesting Tarot cards for the descriptive details.

I Ching Divination:


Hexagram 61 – Chung Fu:  Wind over Lake.

The wind blows over the lake and stirs the surface of the water.  Thus visible effects of the invisible manifest themselves.  The hexagram consists of firm lines above and below, while it is open in te center.  This indicates a heart free of prejudices and therefore open to truth.

On the other hand, each of the two trigrams has a firm line in the middle; this indicates the force of inner truth in the influences they represent.  The attributes of the two trigrams are; above, gentleness, forbearance toward inferiors; below, joyousness in obeying superiors.

Such conditions create the basis of a mutual confidence that makes achievements possible. – Wilhelm

The Judgement:
Inner Truth.  Pigs and fishes
Good fortune.
It furthers one to cross the great water.
Perseverance furthers.

Inner truth is used to influence people.  When the bond between two people is based on what is right, on steadfastness, will it remain so firm that it triumphs over everything.

The Image:
Wind over lake; the image of Inner Truth.
Thus the superior man discusses criminal cases
In order to delay executions.

Wind stirs water by penetrating it.  Thus the superior man, when obliged to udge the mistakes of men, tries to penetrate their minds with understanding, in order to gain a sympathetic appreciation of the circumstances.

I got Six in the third place:
He finds a comrade.
Now he beats the  drum, now he stops.
Now he sobs, now he sing.

Here, the source of a man’s strength lies not in himself but in his relation to other people.  No matter how close to them he may be, if his center of gravity depends on them, he is inevitably tossed to and fro between joy and sorrow.  Rejoicing to high heaven, then sad unto death—this is the fate off those who depend upon an inner accord with other persons whom they love.  Here we have only the statement of the law that this is so. Whether this condition is felt to be an affliction or the supreme happiness of love, is lefft to the subjective verdict of the person concerned. – Wilhelm

Hexagram #61- Inner Truth

5 Cups,  9 Swords R, 3 Cups R              –  3, 2, 2 =  7
7 Coins, Kn Cups R, The Chariot R     –  3, 2, 2 =  7
K Coins R, Ace Wands, Ace Swords   –  2, 3, 3 =  8
Kn Wands R, Justice R, 8 Coins R       –  2, 2, 2 =  6
3 Wands, Ace Cups R, 4 Coins R          –  3, 2, 2 =  7
5 Coins R, 6 Coins R, Q Wands              –  2, 2, 3 =  7

Tarot Divination:

Crux of situation
Five Pentacles R    Six Pentacles R        Queen Wands

From the outside looking in, I am constantly in danger of hungering for that which is elusive to me, not knowing that I already have it in my grasp.  My wealth could be needlessly squandered, as I beggar myself trying to do good, with little regard for what is needed or even what is wanted and asked for.  My only salvation is the fact that I go about it with a pure heart and an eager mind, actively seeking the most dynamic route, and enjoying the public admiration for my skills and brilliant personality.

Three Wands        Ace Cups R        Four Pentacles R

The die has been cast, the time of waiting is upon us.  I have been given a gift of love, a start of an exciting emotional adventure, but it is not yet here.  I must wait.  During my time of waiting, I must take care to not greedily hold onto that which I have gained throughout my life.  I need to be aware that I may hoard it, for fear that it will not be there should I need it in the future, instead of sharing it with worthy friends.

Knight Wands R        Justice R        Eight Pentacles R

I rush in, headlong, with no regards for safety or care.  My passions unchecked, could be the ruin of me.  I need to heed the caution.  Here, though, I have made my own karma and must take responsibility for what I am now experiencing.  I lie on my bed, be it with roses or with thorns.  In my case, it probably is with both.  I have great drive and determination, which takes up all my time, and allow for little rest and relaxation.  I need to be aware of my tendency to work too hard and not take proper time out to enjoy pleasant companionship.

King Pentacles R    Ace Wands        Ace Swords

I have worked long and hard, and I expect that fortune and/or fame will come to me, but so far it has eluded me.  However, I have just been given two great gifts.  I have been handed, by the universe, no less, the Ace of Wands as well as the Ace of Swords.  The Ace of Wands is the kindest, most generous gift of all the aces.  It signifies the beginning of everything, the spark of life— it is the gift of will, of inspiration, of action, of passion and of courage.  It gives me the focus of will and the connection to a higher plane which will allow me to take my idea and run with confidence, knowing that it has been blessed and destined for success, if I would just take advantage of it.  The other gift, the Ace of Swords, is the gift of intelligence.  It is a double-edged sword though, because I can use my gift of intelligence to see clearly and to communicate well, but I can also pierce through another person with my sight, and also use my sharp tongue and clever wit to hurt someone.  I need to use this gift to create a happy and healthy reality.

Seven Pentacles    Knight Cups R        The Chariot R

The time for harvesting is at hand.  I have done so much work that it seems as if the toil in the fields would go on forever, but the time is at hand for me to harvest.  I am at the point of contemplation now.  Was the yield worth the effort and cost?  We shall see.  I see a dreamy knight of cups, but he is reversed.  It is not as straightforward as I had thought.  The Chariot, the card of victory by sheer will power, is also reversed.  I have won, but what is it that I have won?

Five Cups        Nine Swords R        Three Cups R

There is a loss.  I am in mourning.  Alone.  I am agonizing over something, and for whatever reason, I am mourning alone and in isolation.  All around me though, are people who want to surround me with their love.  I need to open up and allow them the chance to help me through my loss… to celebrate the simple joys of being alive.  This should not be a time for me to mourn.  It should be a time for me to practice gratitude and to acknowledge and appreciate those around me for their efforts to assist me in finding my way back into the light.

Watch this space while I figure out the hard part:  marrying what you just read with the I Ching. Wish me luck! Oh, and you can look forward to pictures, too! Just need to delete the ugly ones.  I have to keep up my reputation as a Tao ‘babe’, don’t I?

5 thoughts on “Midsummer Knight’s Dream

  1. I’m pretty impressed that you ended up with two aces in your present. That’s pretty awesome. Yay pictures!


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