It Looks a lot like Christmas

Good morning everyone! For those of you who live in the north eastern area of the US, I’m sure this is what greeted you during the Christmas season.

A hurricane-strength blizzard, burying homes and cars and cities in ice and snow so thick, many people were trapped inside.

Along the coastal areas, strong winds and frigid temperatures caused striking displays of icicle art.

Even dogs that love the snow and the cold looked a bit miserable.

Visibility was at zero, which meant you could barely even see your hands if you held them in front of you. People a few feet away turn into vague shadowy forms.

By the time the snow paused, the world was white and clogged and cold.

To those of you affected by all of this, here is a song to keep your spirits up and to (somehow) keep you warm as you try to dig out of this huge white mess.

For those who do not know who V is, he’s one of the voices of a South Korean band BTS. When I first heard of them, I briefly wondered why BTS didn’t add V to their name (BTVS???) but then I did a little search and found that those letters are not initials at all, but rather an acronym for Bangtan Sonyeondan which translates to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts.”

Since his face is mostly obscured by the huge microphone, here’s what he looks like, trudging through a rainy snowy day.

Enjoy, stay safe, and keep warm.



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  1. And meanwhile, in HCMC Christmas weather has been perfect. Cool even. Parties, reindeer, Santas, sleighs, everywhere! Over the next few days the xmas decore will slowly morph into lunar New Year decorations. Tet is just around the corner!

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  2. That geographical region is at risk for events like that but it was still a lot more than usual wasn’t it? I feel lucky, its only freezing here but the snow is tolerable. Two + feet is a lot to deal with. Those icicles up there look lethal too.

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  3. It’s a great time to be in VN. I’ll be traveling to that general area within the next few months. I hope to do more research on the various subject matter that piques my interest. Enjoy your time with your family.


  4. Mai, if you are in Quan 8 (next door to District 5) give me a call. There is very interesting religious statue at the end of my street. It tells a fascinating story. It connects pre colonial emperors to the 2021 insurrection attempt in your country!! Anyway, today’s chores include collecting ‘new’ money for the li xi envelopes. cheers

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  5. Thank you for the offer. This statue you are talking about piqued my interest, although I find it hard to connect it to Trump. that Jan riot at the Capitol was something that upset me at the time it happened. The gold flag should have never been sullied in that manner. I hope all those who were there and actively participated in the riot get their day in court. There’s no escaping Karma.


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