Me and Sarafina

unnamedIt’s been awhile since I  have posted anything, and I do apologize for that, but the stream of time rushes onward, from a humble trickle that began gouging through the bedrock of spacetime, increasing into an ever widening torrent until so much has passed that I do not know where to pick up next.

So here I am, posting a selfie with my little dog who just turned five.  Summer is well and truly here but we are cool and comfy inside the house.  It is so hot outside, a sign that the world is changing, and changing quickly.  So many unusual things happening that after awhile, it seems to be the norm for unusual things to happen.  When the oddity becomes common place, then the normal becomes strange.

Have an unusual and strange normal weekend everyone.


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  1. Beautifully described…same seems to be happening in my little corner of the world on the east coast…

    As the I Ching always teaches, ’embrace Change’…it truly is the only dependable, unchangeable characteristic of our universe..!

    Happy for your return!


  2. Very glad to hear from you again, was worried for a while. I hope all is well and am looking forward to more updates and posts 🙂


  3. you’re great, i quote you in book of global awakening, you will be cited in the Expansion i just add, have a look here: … I quoted an article, and some of your pics about I-Ching, see in this vid around 1:03 h
    LucidDream Final 2/3 HEUREKA – Pineal Gland, 12-DNA Activation, I-Ching, Delete-Evil, TimewaveZero

    i will soon draw back offline and deep forest, so i wanted to give you a hint before

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  4. I have recently started working on a tai chi video which will include discussions of such things as taoism and the I Ching, among others, and how they are all inter-related and happily apply to everyday life. One day it occurred to me (how could it have possibly taken me so long !?) the obvious relationship between DNA and tai chi, I Ching, taoism, et al….

    So of course I consulted the Oracle of Google and it directed me to your site. Nicely done. Keep paying attention.


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