Happy New Year!

Lunar New Year decorations and food

A big hello to all my friends.

I’ve been rather busy within the last few days, getting things ready to celebrate the new year.  It seems as if the last new year was just days ago, and now, it’s another new year.  We Amerasians have it good.  We get to celebrate New Year twice every year.

It is now 30 minutes till midnight.  My ancestral altar is all set up and I am waiting for midnight so I can light the incense and pay homage to my ancestors and my ancestral homeland.

Happy New Year Everyone!

One thought on “Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year Taobabe,

    Already quite a transition from ‘See, Hear, Speak No Evil’,

    to Annee du Coq…!

    Be safe, especially while travelling…

    Miss your critical, clear Thoughts…!

    Allan C.


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