The Mark of an Educated Mind

educated mind

5 thoughts on “The Mark of an Educated Mind

  1. happened to chance upon your site doing a google search for the term ‘taoism and sleep’ (don’t ask) and found your ‘to sleep, perchance to dream’ post and next thing you know, i just spent a whole work day not being productive. fascinating. perusing the titles of all the articles, it’s all up my alley. eastern mysticism? check. western esotericism? check. philosophy? quantum physics? anime art? music? check check check! um…where have you been all my life? up until today, the notion of a taoist babe would have been relegated to the domain of unicorns. but hot damn, i don’t believe it. the chupacabra does exist! :p


  2. Why, thank you, Monk! I always go where my curiosity leads me. Sometimes, it leads me down very strange rabbit holes, but I seem to have misplaced my fear of unknowns and unknowables because I just forge on through without a care in the world.

    I think it has to do with my understanding of TRUTH (or lack thereof). Since I have no fixed standards for truths (i.e. unbreakable, shatterproof truths which must not be violated on fear of eternal damnation or institutional pride, etc. etc.), I break them just for fun to see how far they take me. Usually, when I allow myself to accept that ‘truths’ may not be ultimate truths, I stumble into other truths which my mind is able to accommodate because it has not hit the glass ceiling of any preconceived unshakable ‘truths’ and, therefore, is capable of expanding so that it can accommodate the new truths.

    It’s all good. We’re all here to explore. I tend to get lost in the weeds during my exploratory forays, but it’s all good. It’s not where or how one explores, but that one explores at all.


  3. When I see a thought like this I like to wonder which lines of the I Ching describe it best. Here, for example I think of 56.6. Then, if you consult about it you often get a different result. It’s a fun way to learn the I Ching.


  4. In my opinion it’s much safer than consulting once a year when making a major life choice, those little consultations help a lot gaining experience through practice.

    For the record I got 38.3 from the I Ching: “One has to satisfy the requests before being accepted.”


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