Art or no Art?


As I was gathering all my thoughts into one place and begin the process of distilling them into something worthwhile, I deleted all the fun pictures of anime girls and removed inane remarks.  This made my pre-first draft seem so dull and dry that I feel the need to add commentary pictures back in again.  Since I wanted to use pictures that I would never have issues with, I made a decision to create my own.

The image above is one I created a few years back, detailing the process in two steps.  The third step, obviously, is to then import the images onto a background that I have created for the purpose, whatever that purpose may be.

The image below, I created from a basic pencil drawing I doodled on one morning while eating my cereal.



This is the resulting vector image. 


Now, this all sounds as if it would be a great idea, except that it takes me awhile to make the pictures.  I start with pencil sketches, then import them into either Photoshop or Illustrator, depending on what I am trying to do, and continue the drawing and painting process there.  It truly is a process, and this will add much more time to the final draft, time that could be more wisely spent refining the written work.

I am wondering if this is something that makes sense to do.  I invite all comments and thoughts on this.

One thought on “Art or no Art?

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  1. Well I love your art, so please feel free to continue! As to the 12 animals, I will respond in detail soon to your post because this is a subject that I am connected to. Keep up the great work, I very much appreciate both the art and the intellect


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