Time to Start the Novel



So the time is just about right.

I have spent the last few months on a huge and exhaustive quest for information so that I can start work on my new novel.  I think I am ready to start writing the first draft of the novel.

It was not my intention to use my blog as a means to store that information, but I realized, after awhile, that I could use the search box to retrieve quickly, anything I wrote on the matter.  This made things really easy for me, and so I threw most of my research here, in the form of long-winded posts.

Normally, my research is quick, brief, and to-the-bulleted-point, but because this is a blog, I decided to do it in my usual circuitous manner of writing, in that off-the-cuff, stream-of-consciousness way I tend to write when I am not working on a technical writing piece or a short story/ novel.  It made my research much longer to complete, but it was fun to do, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Of course, I could simply continue the research, as I thoroughly had fun doing it and don’t mind researching forever.  I know that as long as I continue to research, I will continue to find information, and I could spend the rest of my life just learning for fun.


At some point, the fun has to end and the real work has to begin.  I am not sure if doing a fictional account is more fun rather than a non-fiction piece.  Maybe I can do both.  Who knows.  But I have to throw myself into the pool.  I have to put on my novelist cap and just start hammering out the first draft of the first chapter.

Which reminds me.  I have to go shopping and find me a novelist’s hat.  Gotta look stylish while I’m writing or I will get serious writer’s block.  You know how we Taobabes are.  🙂

6 thoughts on “Time to Start the Novel

  1. Hi Mark
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I went to the link you posted and found the snowflake method. Wow! I never thought to write in that way, but now that I know, I will definitely try it. Maybe I can post parts of it on my blog so I can get your feedback on the process. It seems you are a veteran when it comes to writing. I hope to read some of your work someday. Please let me know if you have anything I can read. Thanks.
    Tao Babe


  2. I’d be glad to offer any feedback. I’m more of a non-fiction writer, though. I had a book published last year and am finishing another. Pretty much a newbie when it comes to fiction.


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