Makeup trends for 2013


It looks as if makeup trends for 2013 are going to be extremely minimalistic.  Color is so passé, they say, even though they want us to continue to buy the expensive cosmetics.  It should, of course, not be vibrant in color.  In fact, it should look as close to our natural colors as we can get it.  Trends dictate that we will be spending hours in front of the mirror putting on ‘nude’ makeup to try to make it look as if we have no makeup on.


Lucky for us, there is an alternative.  We can simply go without any makeup, with the exception of a loud and brassy red mouth.  No shine please.  Shine is so 2012.  There should be no sparkle for 2013.  Austerity is here to stay.  Try to look shabby.  Tousle the hair a bit, make it look as if we can’t afford styling products.  No dark eyes.  Dark eyes look too…dark.  No pink cheeks.  Pink cheeks only happen to girls who jog around the complex at 5am.  We night owls get to wear ‘skin color’ blush (whatever that means).  We should be looking much as we do, immediately upon awakening but with the added zest of slathering on an eye-popping matte red onto the lips before running out the door.

That’s it.  That’s the extent of the fashion colors for 2013.


Here I was thinking it was going to be a bland and unglamorous year when, all of a sudden, the eyes pop up in sci-fi shades!  All of a sudden, we have an invasion of aliens!  All of a sudden, I’m looking forward to 2013 so that I can smear my eyes in strange manners and look as creepy as I wish.  All of a sudden, 2013 looks to be a crazy good year!

sci fi eyes



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