I’m on Twitter!


Hi y’all!  I finally reactivated my thetaobabe twitter account, just to stay current with all my friends.  Please add me so I can keep up with all your twitterings.

5 thoughts on “I’m on Twitter!

  1. You are sad in this pic?

    The tea was nice I hope.

    The river flows by,
    the wind messes your hair,
    I can’t right poetry to save my life,
    but feel the freshness in the air,
    close your eyes to the business of life,
    travel to worlds far away,
    the sun is out,
    your many souls feel calm as the power of the tea soothes you,
    the heat, the taste, mastered by generations of hands long lost,
    someone you’ve found everything and nothing at once,
    the Tao is and fortunately so are you,
    now who can teach me to write proper poetry?

    Anyway, feel the power, that is, enjoy the day. I my friend am going to go and have proper dumpling with vinegar.

    The shadow connections simply are,
    we are alone and yet
    we are connected to this world,
    we think we understand


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