The Trưng Sisters (Part 3)

(...continued fromThe Trưng Sisters Part 2) And so it was, hidden in the mists of the jungles, within the dark dank caves of the mountainous region of Mê Linh that Trưng Trắc and her sister, Trưng Nhị, along with an entire regiment of rebels began their year-long preparation to go up against General Tô Định. To understand the scope of … Continue reading The Trưng Sisters (Part 3)

The Trưng Sisters (Part 2)

(...continued from Part 1) His name was Dương Thi.  He was barely 20 years old when he married the headstrong, talented, intelligent, and beautiful Trưng Trắc, princess of the Mê Linh region, a province north of present-day Hà Nội. His father, Dương Thái Bình, who was the king's physician and also part of the royal family, ascended to the throne after … Continue reading The Trưng Sisters (Part 2)