Living Universe

Life. What is the definition of life?  This question is still being hotly debated by scientists of various fields pertinent to the question.  In my opinion, this question is pertinent to ALL sciences, but hey, what do I know? Life, to me, is the system or pattern of the functions of a living thing.  All living things have one thing in common.  They all come … Continue reading Living Universe

Blonde Noncontentions

I am blonde. In fact, sometimes I look like an airhead, and sometimes I act like one.  This is done by design.  I enjoy having fun and seeing the bright side of life.  Why should I not dance in the sun?  Why can’t I laugh with the wind?  What is so wrong with throwing down the rag top of my convertible and go roaring down … Continue reading Blonde Noncontentions

Axiom of the Tao

Chapter 14 – Tao Te Ching Look at it, it cannot be seen It is called colorless Listen to it, it cannot be heard It is called noiseless Reach for it, it cannot be held It is called formless These three cannot be completely unraveled So they are combined in to one Above it, not bright Below it, not dark Continuing endlessly, cannot be named … Continue reading Axiom of the Tao

As Above, So Below

When I was seven, I found out from my older sister’s science book that the solar system looks like this. I thought to myself.  Ooooohhhh!  That’s awesome!  I was jealous because my science book didn’t have cool pictures like this.  All my science book had were pictures of katydids and stick bugs.  I read through the entire science text book in a matter of a … Continue reading As Above, So Below