Fortune Spell

  Please allow me to stress the ‘USE SPARINGLY’ clause of this spell.  As with all things in the universe, any time we ask for something to enter our lives, there is an opposite and equal reaction that must occur in order to fulfill the request.  This is the well-understood but poorly accepted truth of the Universe—everything seeks to balance itself.  Any changes to status … Continue reading Fortune Spell

White Sorcery

As I have painstakingly tried to impart to my gentle readers in many prior postings, there are no absolutes.  There is good and bad mixed into everything.  For all the darkness that Black Sorcery brings, there is also a light and good side to Viet Sorcery.  This is the side that allows the Sorcerer to heal illnesses, exorcise harmful spirits, knit broken bones, reunite lost … Continue reading White Sorcery