Love Spell

I’ve been slammed with some major work and family-related issues within the past couple of days, but I did manage to get a couple of moments in to squeeze a quick post on a spell which might be of interest to some of my gentle readers.  It isn’t all that fancy, as love spells go, and it is basic in its reach and scope, but … Continue reading Love Spell

Diet Spell

What’s a Tao Babe spell book without a Diet Spell?  As promised, here is the spell for the removal of unwanted weight for the chubbier Tao Babe, or the addition of much needed weight for the extremely emaciated Babe. Obviously, even in ancient times, there were dietary issues.  People are people, and the issues of too-fat, too-thin have always been around for as long as … Continue reading Diet Spell

Beauty Spell

As promised, and since this is a Tao Babe blog (emphasis on the Babe), my first translation of the spells used is the Beauty spell.  Who wouldn’t want to be beautiful and stay beautiful?  Who wouldn’t want to have less wrinkles and retain a youthful complexion?  Well, this combination of one/two punch will do the trick.  Simply burn the spells in separate crucibles and then … Continue reading Beauty Spell