Dragon Bloodline

Dragons. They are not, and have never been, simple characters in children’s books.  They were keepers and teachers of ancient secrets, rulers and caretakers of vast stretches of Earth land, and they came from a distant land beyond the visible star-dome of the night sky.  Their presence is felt far and wide in graven images and statues of stone, their influence resonating clear to this very day. … Continue reading Dragon Bloodline

I Ching: Made in Vietnam (Part 4)

The weather has certainly been frigid here for the last few days.  It is to be expected.  We’re only one week into the first week of January.  I am sitting here drinking hot tea to stay warm and wishing spring would get here already.  It’s too damn cold! Spring brings with her not just gorgeous blooming flowers and really nice weather but also Vietnamese new … Continue reading I Ching: Made in Vietnam (Part 4)

I Ching: Made in Vietnam (Part 1)

The I Ching originated in Vietnam?  WOOOWWW!!! Talk about shattering the age-old glass of firmly entrenched and ancient ideology, this one takes the cake!  Does this claim have even a leg to stand on?  Is there any definitive proof?  But more importantly, do we even care any more, at this late date, what with knowledge so widely shared and easily accessible?  After all, does it … Continue reading I Ching: Made in Vietnam (Part 1)