Mushroom Magic

I have always liked mushrooms.  Not only are they cute and whimsical in fairy-land settings, they are also tasty in vegetable stir-frys and soups.  Their gustatory advantages, I do know about since I cook with them on a regular basis.  Their medicinal properties, I am also familiar with, since my grandfather was a medical herbalist. … Continue reading Mushroom Magic

Linh Chi Dan Dreams

Linh Chi Dan sounds like the name of a beautiful, young Vietnamese girl.  Linh means "spirit, spiritual; soul; miraculous; supernatural; sacred; divine; mysterious; efficacious; effective".  Chi means "plant of longevity; fungus; seed; branch; mushroom; excrescence".  Dan means "medicinal pill".  Put it all together and we have a Supernatural Mushroom Pill. As pretty as the name … Continue reading Linh Chi Dan Dreams