The Bellows in Between 1

Ugh!  I got all the easy parts done, and now it's nothing but hard stuff.  I am so dreading this section, but I have to finish it.  I've been very, very bad lately.  I start all sorts of subjects and I say that I will add to the information and finish the posting groups, but … Continue reading The Bellows in Between 1

I Ching Sphere 1: I Suck at Math

Heaven is high, the earth is low; thus the Creative and the Receptive are determined.  In correspondence with this difference between low and high, inferior and superior places are established. Movement and Rest have their definite laws; according to these, firm and yielding lines are differentiated. Events follow definite trends, each according to its nature.  Things are distinguished from … Continue reading I Ching Sphere 1: I Suck at Math