Con Nhà Nho Giáo – Children of the Grapes

Con Nhà Nho Giáo Everybody has heard this saying and everyone thinks it means a person who is from a well-educated family.  That is true, to a certain extent, but it does not describe the statement fully. In the old days (oh some thousands of years in the past, all the way up to about a hundred years ago), the kids who could read ancient … Continue reading Con Nhà Nho Giáo – Children of the Grapes

Ancient Việt Dynasty

Picture credit:  Linh Nguyen We are an ancient people. Việt history goes back far, far beyond what is the current accepted history of what Vietnam is suppose to be, spanning over four thousand years into the murky past.  Unfortunately, much of it was destroyed by the Han dynasty during the third (as well as the fourth) invasion and domination, to be eventually replaced by Chinese customs and … Continue reading Ancient Việt Dynasty

Mémoire of the Denizens of Spacefarers

Thus were the stars of heaven created like a golden chain To bind the Body of Man to heaven from falling into the Abyss. Each took his station and his course began with sorrow & care In sevens & tens & fifties, hundreds, thousands, number’d all According to their various powers, subordinate to Urizen And to his sons in their degrees & to his beauteous … Continue reading Mémoire of the Denizens of Spacefarers