Holographic Everything

So, in one of my previous posts, I talked about Holography, how it works, and  the brain being holographic in nature.  In this post, I want to talk about Holographic Everything!  After all, since we are nothing but a brain with mechanical controls and sensors, if the brain is holographic, it would follow that everything... Continue Reading →

Pissed I tell you. Pissed!!!

Giang sơn nào anh hùng nấy (To each hero, his own realm) ~ Annon I was Pissed!!! I spent YEARS looking at the placement of the I Ching.  It was maddening in its complexity.  I tried this way.  I tried that way.  I stood on my head.  I looked at it upside down.  I spent countless... Continue Reading →

Axiom of the Tao

Chapter 14 - Tao Te Ching Look at it, it cannot be seen It is called colorless Listen to it, it cannot be heard It is called noiseless Reach for it, it cannot be held It is called formless These three cannot be completely unraveled So they are combined in to one Above it, not... Continue Reading →

Holographic Nature of Our Existence

Holograms are not suppose to be things of the near future.  We're suppose to be swimming in holograms at this time.  Our present-day technology should be so advanced that we should be able to stay home all day in our pajamas and still be able to go about our business using our holographic representations.  If we... Continue Reading →

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