The Trưng Sisters (Part 4)

(...continued from The Trưng Sisters (Part 3)) The Beauty During the three-year reign of Trắc and Nhị Trưng, people saw them everywhere.  They never stayed in one place for long---always on their elephants and always on the road.  Their swords were never sheathed, they were constantly keeping the troops trained and motivated, maintaining connections with … Continue reading The Trưng Sisters (Part 4)

The Trưng Sisters (Part 2)

(...continued from Part 1) His name was Dương Thi.  He was barely 20 years old when he married the headstrong, talented, intelligent, and beautiful Trưng Trắc, princess of the Mê Linh region, a province north of present-day Hà Nội. His father, Dương Thái Bình, who was the king's physician and also part of the royal family, ascended to the throne after … Continue reading The Trưng Sisters (Part 2)