Lumpy Bumpy Humpty Dumpty

When I think of Earth, I think of a perfect, brilliant, blue sphere with whorls of white clouds and green/brown land masses.  After all, I am not completely ignorant of my global geography and my immediate astronomy.  I know what my planet looks like.  I've seen photos and images of our home planet ever since … Continue reading Lumpy Bumpy Humpty Dumpty

A 48,000-year-old Bracelet

In the 1970s, Soviet scientists discovered paleoarcheological remains in the cave that led to further explorations.[1] So far, 22 strata have been identified, with archeological artifacts that cover the time from Dionisij back to about 125,000-180,000 years ago.[2] The dating of the strata was accomplished by the use of thermoluminescence dating of sediments, or, in some cases, radiocarbon dating on charcoal.[2] Among the archeological artifacts are Mousterian- … Continue reading A 48,000-year-old Bracelet