Ancient Việt 3: Following the Genetic Trail

(Continued from Ancient Viet 2: Sunken Paradise) As a young Viet-American child growing up smack dab in the middle of the US (New Orleans no less), I quite often identified with the Vietnamese/Chinese community living in and around the south because there weren't really that many of us Asians in that part of the neighborhood... Continue Reading →

Dragon Genetics

Where were we?  Ah, yes.  Reptilian Genetics. First, let's talk about all the known physiological In-Your-Face, undeniable facts about ancient reptilian vestiges. 1.  Reptilian Brain -  AKA The Triune Brain, as coined by Dr. Paul MacLean, who proposed the theory of the reptilian brain in his work, The Triune Brain in Evolution: Role in Paleocerebral... Continue Reading →

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