Starving Plant Life

In my last post, Boogie-man Gas, I talked about CO2 and the controversies surrounding this trace gas.  I also pointed out to evidence that CO2 has been a beneficial gas, and not the pollutant that most people think it is. Still, with headlines such as these (Scientists call for action to tackle CO2 levels,[1] and New Milestone for CO2 Levels: Mauna Loa Observatory Records 400 … Continue reading Starving Plant Life

The Sun’s About to Flip!

OK, so I’ve been a bit of a nut case lately, constantly harping on about the sun and its magnetic situation and how unstable it is.  Well, there’s a reason for this.  NASA is confirming my recent suspicions on the Sun’s volatility.  This is what they are saying: Something big is about to happen on the sun.  According to measurements from NASA-supported observatories, the sun’s … Continue reading The Sun’s About to Flip!

Ocean Heat—Hot Surfer Dudes vs. Scientists

(Continued from The Heat is On—Barely) The Oceans are supposed to be getting hotter, says climate scientists. Last I checked, however, the hottest things in (and on) the oceans are the surfer dudes with their tanned bodies and their muscular physiques.  This is the reason why my home is within driving proximity to Santa Cruz, home to some of the most amazing species of hot … Continue reading Ocean Heat—Hot Surfer Dudes vs. Scientists

Ancient Drowned Cities of the World

I love the mysteries of long-lost and hidden civilizations.  They fascinate me to no end and leave my imagination bursting with a million stories that want to be told about the people and places that used to be above water. Many submerged cities are quite young.  They are fascinating because we know so much about them and yet, they still retain their mysterious allure.  Some, … Continue reading Ancient Drowned Cities of the World