Nôm Characters Dictionary

Yay!!! My Nôm Characters Dictionary just arrived.  I am so excited!  It is a huge book, with 1679 pages of dense information, packed tight in a book that is worthy of its cost, $75 plus shipping n handling.  I have Việt dictionaries, but I have never had one of these.  Not sure how I am going to... Continue Reading →

Nôm Na Là Cha Mách Qué

Hey you!  Nôm na là cha mách qué! Say what??? Whatever dude.  Your Momma too.   Dumb ass. I would have this attitude because this sooo sounds like such an insult.  This sentence cannot be said without it sounding like an insult.  Nobody knows why.  At least, nobody in the modern world knows why. Well,... Continue Reading →

Chữ Nôm (𡨸喃)

Can you read the words written below? Ìm me trình nê shần ìz môr ìm pố tần tàn no lịch chờ. If you could read Vietnamese, you would be able to read those words with little difficulty.  It is not exact, of course, because the Vietnamese pronunciation is missing a few enunciations.  However, it's close enough if one understood the English... Continue Reading →

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