Hungry Ghosts 4: Temple for Spirit Imprisonment

There is an ancient moss-covered Buddhist temple, set deep on the ridge of a densely forested mountainside in Bắc Ninh, a city in the northern section of Vietnam.  It is called Hàm Long Temple (寺含龍) due to the fact that it is located inside the mouth of Núi Thần Long (Dragon God Mountain).  Hàm means jaw.  … Continue reading Hungry Ghosts 4: Temple for Spirit Imprisonment

Of Gods and Garlic

Ahhhhhh.  The wondrous scent of roasted Allium sativum, aka garlic, on an open flame, seared until blackened and then crushed and added to a succulent steak makes my mouth water. I love cooking with garlic in all its forms: fresh, dehydrated, powdered, liquid---I have them all.  I also love adding them to recipes that are … Continue reading Of Gods and Garlic

Autoimmune Disease of the Spiritual Kind

Here we are, looking at The Yaochi Palace Temple, located on Qingliang Mountain in Huyi district of the northwestern province of Shaanxi.  It is a one-thousand-years old Taoist temple, previously protected as a historical site, but has suddenly been deemed illegally built and without proper documents and permits.  Parts of it have already been demolished, … Continue reading Autoimmune Disease of the Spiritual Kind