The Tao Babe’s Third Eye


I am scared of ghosts and ghouls.

There, I said it.  It shames me to no end that I, the great dame of Babe Taoism would have the most cowardly Tao Babe soul of anyone I know, but I cannot rationalize it away.  Truth is, a Tao Babe should not be scared of spooks and ghosts and spirits.  Tao Babes are supposed to be strong and full of courage.  We should be able to climb tall buildings with a single bound, stop a speeding bullet with our hands, and we should be able to do exorcisms!

Sadly, that is not me.   I am deathly afraid of ghosts, and there is nothing I can do to alleviate this inconvenient fact about my psyche.  I live alone, and on the occasion, I sleep with the lights on when I get a chill in my bones that I cannot shake.  I am a wuss, a big baby when it comes to scary things.  It doesn’t help that I have a wondrous and fertile imagination either, or that, as an artist, I can see things in all sorts of patterns.  It is also quite unfortunate  that I sometimes sense and see things I cannot explain.  I don’t try to explain any of the anomalies to anybody.  People would think I was crazy, and Tao Babes are supposed to be cool and glamorous, not wild-eyed and frothing at the mouth.

Imagine my great consternation then, that opening my third eye is supposed to be part of the big Taoist benefit.  Taoists are supposed to be able to utilize the powers of their third eye.  It is what separates the practicing Taoist from one who just thinks the bagua is a cool pendant to wear around one’s neck as a good luck charm.

There are a couple of ways to open up the third eye.  One method is to use a dharma and a written spell, much like this one, which has been burned and smeared in the general vicinity where the third eye is supposed to be— right in between and slightly above your two regular eyes.

(My apologies.  I have taken this written spell off due to a concerned Taoist informing me that it is a dangerous spell.  It is akin to leaving a loaded weapon in easy access of the unwary)


The other method is the one more often prescribed, where I must meditate to the point where the sixth chakra is able to open and ‘see’.  It is this second method which concerns me.

I love to meditate because it calms and stills my soul, but I have been shying away from diving into the deep end because I really do not want to open that third eye.  I know myself, and I know that it would not take very much prodding for my third eye to open up.  I have this natural affiinity for this sort of thing, which I cannot explain, but I am absolutely certain that if I made any attempt at opening up this eye, it would gladly take the opportunity and open wide.  My fear is that once it is opened, I won’t be able to close it again, and I will spend the rest of my days, seeing ghosts and ghouls and spirits and demons, everywhere I go.

In an effort to come to grips with my fear, I decided to delve into this great mystical subject, to try and come to terms with it and with myself.  I decided to think about it as I would any other entity or object that I would come across in my daily journey through life.  There are no accidents in this universe.  Everything and everyone has a place and a reason for existence, even ghosts and demons.  They have the right to exist, just as much as I have the right to exist.  I needed to approach this from the point of view of a Taoist.

“Men, animals, ghosts, demons— all deserve sympathetic consideration.  Formed from the great Tao, Matrix of the Universe, all are equally necessary to nature’s purposes.  If we destroy any being without good cause, how can we expect our fellows to treat us less belligerently?  Let live, leave well enough alone, abstain from exaggerated reactions and one may be sure of remaining on good terms with all the hosts of heaven, earth, and hell.  Even corpse-devouring demons are capable of gratitude.” — John Blofeld.

My Taoist glasses are firmly perched on my nose.  I am looking through them, and as I begin to understand and appreciate my unique placement in the universe, I come to terms with my fears and understand that they are healthy fears, designed to keep me healthy and sane.  I do not need to go where angels fear to tread.  Truly, I don’t.  I am happy just to keep my rose-colored lenses on.  Perhaps one day, there will be a need for me to open up that third eye, to see what I need to see, but for now, I think I will continue to keep my rose-colored lenses on, and enjoy my stay here on the receptive earth.  The unexplainable fills me with dread.

Let me start at the beginning, when my curiosity about Black Sorcery led me to Southern California…

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  1. A ghost is a deceased person’s spirit that has, for some reason, decided to remain in this realm. A demon is something different. There are two types, one is a real entity in and of its own rights, and the other is a manifestation of the evil within man’s soul. Depending on which you are faced with, you are supposed to deal with them in different manners.


  2. There are two parts to every human: the constant part, and the constantly changing part.

    The difference between the two are fairly clear. What we normally think of as our unique individuality, our psyche or mental image of ourselves, is actually our constantly changing part. Our personalities, mental faculties, our physical bodies, even our names and identities can change over time. All it takes is for us to lose our memories, become afflicted with disease of the body or mind, go through a life-changing event, or even lose a limb and we are forever changed.

    But there is a part of us that remains constant, irregardless of what happens to our physical or mental bodies. This ‘self’ remains the same even if we become amnesiac and have lost all memory of who we were. We are still essentially the same self who existed before the amnesia.

    So, you are correct in your surmise that when we die, we die, and there’s nothing left, because that is exactly what happens to that constantly changing part of ourselves, which die at the time of our deaths. However, we also have the constant part of us, that part which never changes, and it is this part that never dies. It is this part that I focus on, and wonder about, and am so very fascinated by.


  3. Having just read many of your articles i wanted to share a few responses to them, and would like to leave them all under this thread if thats ok.

    Firstly, regarding your 3rd eye, i think you could be wrong in fearing that once it is opened you won’t be able to close it again.

    In your sleep there are times when it opens and you travel in your dreams and when you wake up it closes. In waking hours through the control of meditation you can open it and with that same control you will be able to close it.

    Like learning to drive a car, at first this might be a little jerky in going forward, speeding up, slowing down and stopping. But with a little practice, smooth control will be achieved.

    Also it seems that it is because of your fear that you feel that you would ‘spend the rest of your days, seeing ghosts and ghouls and spirits and demons, everywhere you go’. If that is a negative consequence, there must be a positive consequence … maybe spending the rest of your days seeing muses, angels and gods everywhere you go as well ?

    Of course you must go with your own instict on this matter, but i feel your fears are unfounded, and the reality of opening your 3rd eye will be quite different from your imaginings, and much more enjoyable and enlightening for you.

    It’s just a guess, but it seems to me, that the experience of a 3rd eye awareness will depend upon your heart and strength of will. And from reading what you have written you seem to have a very good heart and strong will, and so you’ll be able to avoid any malevolent darkness and embrace the light of love, as it were 🙂

    Briefly in response to other articles you have written, viewing the Tarot cards as ‘witchery’ is also incorrect in my opinion. Maybe ‘witches’ have commonly used them, hence this connotation has attatched to them over time, but they are merely tools of divination, the motives of the person using them are what counts.

    Finally, may i recommend this website for your investigation.

    It is one mans holistic view on how the nature of universe is. You may wish to skip the scientific segments, and look instead into the sections on the I CHING and TAROT, but i am sure you will find many insteresting aspects throughout the text, as it is all interrelated.

    If you will excuse me for saying so, but i hope these comments can in some way help to encourage you to develop your obvious potential without fear of the unknown.




  4. Thank you for the link, Eddie, as well as your thoughts on the matter. I appreciate them very much.

    I am in the process of digesting the material within the link that you provided. I will comment in more detail once I have gathered my thoughts, as I do not want to simply respond with a few empty lines (as I must at this time since I have not had the chance to think carefully, my response).


    Tao Babe


  5. Hi Taobabe,

    i hope you find something useful from the website. I discovered it many years ago and was so impressed i printed it all out, which took about 7 hours or more and lots of paper, i should have just bought the book.

    Although a very interesting event occured whilst printing it. During this long process, I had gone out of the computer room to make some tea downstairs. 10 mins later, my mother-in-law, whom i was staying with at the time, had come out the bathroom and looked into the computer room and saw an old man with a big white beard sitting at the computer, she blinked in astonishment and he was gone. She came rushing downstairs in shock and described what she had seen. I explained that she had seen the author of the text i was printing (i knew this as there was a little picture of him at the start, although she had not seen it) and she was a bit more at ease, if a little dazed by the experience. She was at ease as she comes from a little village in northern Finland, where there is an old lady who she saw, as a young girl, perform many unexplainable and extraordinary things, so was not in shock once all was explained.

    I tell you this little story, as to me it demonstrated the authors abilty to Astral travel, and consequently gave alot more credence, in my mind, to everything he says in his book. Unfortunatley he died a few years ago, in body anyway, but i am sure the spirit lives on 🙂

    I don’t expect a reply too soon, as digesting the material could take a very long time indeed, a lifetime even 🙂 it just seemed an appropriate link on pass on to you,

    best wishes,



  6. Thank you Eddie, for that very enlightening story about the author’s astral projection and possibly, even time travel. Anything is possible when you are able to tap into the godhood within. It personalizes the entire experience for me.

    I downloaded the entire book, and am going through it, a chapter at a time. The information is complex, so it is taking me longer than usual to go through and digest the material. There are many broken links on the website, but I am glad that we can still read the text.

    The Tao Babe is getting smarter—- more Taoie, less Babe-y. That’s a good thing. 🙂


  7. Good for you Taobabe, now people will see the innner beauty of the Tao shining through the outer beauty of the Babe … and that is a good thing indeed.

    If you ever open your inner eye, dont forget to let us blind folks know what you see …?

    best wishes,



  8. Oh, I do believe that you are not blind. You simply choose what you wish to see. As for me, I will try to stay innocent for as long as I can. When the curiosity that drives me to understand also drives me to take a peek, I will forge ahead like a clumsy blundering toddler, and then I will see what I will see.


  9. 🙂 you are so right TaoBabe, i do choose what i wish to see, and like you, I have choosen to keep my blinkers on for the time being, thankyou for keeping me honest on that point though :0

    When i had a peek, it was a golden light of all embracing love that i saw and felt … and i guess that is just what a toddler needs to help nurture it into a new world 🙂


  10. I think tao is not a kind of good religion. Ofcours i don’t know actually what is the good religion. But i think Hindu,shikh,Tao,Jain are fakest fake thing. Buddhist is a kind of social system. what is the most pure staff?


  11. Vhovon,
    the only way to find out what is good and what is fake is to dig in and find out for yourself. Why would you want someone to tell you what is good or fake? We each have a path we have to take for ourselves. Perhaps your path is to find this out for yourself. I could tell you all about it, but why would you believe me? Go and explore for yourself what is the best way for you. And best of luck. Let me know what you find.


  12. this Bùa is highly dangerous, , a lot of these Bùa are in the market today to scam people, I ve seen this Bùa in a website ,once a person tries this Bùa it will like they are cursed and being haunted, soul mental will be out of place and leads to mental illness and seeing illusions and start to see fake things and think they are actually seeing ghost, there is no need to use such spell, its highly dangerous and is a scam trick, to gain the ability to sense and interact with energy and sense ghost is by cultivation. this Bùa will not open ur third eyes, its a scam dangerous trick, espeacially in a religion that cultivate in magic, Taoism is the same but Toaist exorcism and magic is not one in the same, its divided into different lineages, example : Luk Yam Lineage, Mao Shen Lineage and the list goes on, there will always be unpure toaist sects that also incorperate scams and dark magic into their lineage.


  13. I have actually seen this Ghost Eye Bùa selling in a website at the toaist master also advertise and want people to buy his book and in order to know the incantation to activate the ghost eye Bùa The author of this book is from an unpure toaist lineage luk yam I have seen some of his magic that he has promoted, win gambling magic, spider,beast,fox possession demon spell, 5 ghost money transfer spell, how to raise baby ghost, Hell Tour which make the user think he/she soul travel and tour around hell, Scorpion and snake sorcery. nothing but bad can come out of may or may not be once pure thousands of years ago but as time pass by corruption comes in and it becomes no longer pure. My Taoist master had also used to be in luk yam and mao shen sect and practioner but quit because he felt it was corrupted ,when he quit many people from his sect try to kill him with magic , the Leader of the lineage his own master also felt it is no longer pure and show him a set of cultivation technique to reach Celestrial realm and gave him an assignment to find a new raw power source because his master was too old to do it himself. he cultivated to soul travel to Celestial Realm and was able to reach there 5 years ago ,and went on discover an 100% uncorrupted power source, detox and forget all he learn in the past to obtain this new one and transfer this form of new raw Taoism magic and down to earth.


  14. hello Toa babe I have just found out a little more about this ghost eye Bùa , did a little snooping around to find the origin of this spell. i was right of my suspicion from the start about this Bùa , This Bùa is from phái mau sơn , this lineage is very popular in Chinese movies and busting vampires and stuff in the movies. My tao master also used to be in this Lineage, first from books ,do free of charge exorcism when he was young, then later ordain into the sect., he used to be đệ tử đời thứ 73 generation from phái mau sơn and also graduated from there.but left and remove everything he learn from that lineage. He still has a copy of this ghost eye spell , This Ghost Eye Bùa is call cặp mắt âm dương (yin yang vision) the power source is from 5 ghost, there is also other spells that uses 5 ghost for wealth gaining .revenge, spying etc.The 5 ghost are from a constellation 5 star in space and emerge from the energy from these 5 stars. there are 2 ghost eyes fus fu is activated using 5 ghost alter, it is opposite of the the one you posted.. it is for u to not see ghost, u wear and carry with you. it is also used for wining in gambling when done magic with the 5 ghost alter and buring ghost money, The Bùa u posted in the picture is Ghost Eye Bùa from mau sơn, you use half nước lạnh half nước nóng mix it together and wipe in the eyes to see ghost.The practioner also use this to check and see if those 5 ghost are present on their alter as well as seeing other ghost. the reason why I said it is dangerous in the first place is because there is a huge major side effect to cultivation in such magic. you will have to lose something in your life in return ..its not a freebie, not only is there is a sacrifice trade ..once the magic stops working you will get a mental illness call schizophrenia. the magic is only short term effect. soon the 5 ghost will no longer respond with the fortune wealth magic. the cặp mắt âm dương magic will then screw your life up and makes you go crazy and see illusions.


  15. My thầy have also used the ghost eye fu and suffered from the side effects but was able to recover from it.


  16. That sounds truly frightening. Thank you for giving me more information about it. Black magic is a whole other underworld of which few know anything about, but absolutely exists, as many practitioners and victims (such as yourself) will attest to.

    As I have stated quite often in my weblog, you never get something for nothing. There is always a price to pay, and sometimes, the price is very high. Sometimes, you have to give up one of your souls forever, just to get some baubles that are only worth something in this brief lifespan but end up being worthless over the course of your soul’s journey.

    If you have more information, please let me know.

    Tao Babe


  17. This sect is damn evil, they harness power from fox demon,pig demon, ghost etc they also don’t just kill ghost they also manipulate and enslave them. they dig dead people’s coffin and tame ghost and raise ghost babies to do their work for them. they claim to do exorcism and bust ghost but pretty much using evil to kill off another evil. its like treating poison with a stronger poison. other similar sects u should avoid , luk yam, lui son, am son, there are also more sects like this but one thing to figure out if its really legit or not is There is no evil and sorcery in Tao, if they promote these things then its an evil cult, they are sorcerers.

    just for some fun info about this 3rd eye topic: having the ability to see ma quỉ is not scary at all. its not like u see them everywhere u go, if u are suited up with knowledge and battle gears is just like playing ping pong and bust them like they are shit.. to be able to see them one method, celestrial or center hồn needs to able activated to gain sensory, and inject thiên khí into the other 2 hồn and a protection layer on top of the 7 phách, it will be like a 6th sense at first but more stronger and solid then that. u can sense danger before it comes, and sense energy , this is why we can define what is good energy and what is the evil class .because we can interact with it,as it grow stronger, u can then see it. u will be able to see warefares that takes place when u do exorcism. see thiên khí blast out of ur swords and weapons, or palm blast and handsigns. its not just for seeing ma quỉ .pretty much anything In the other dimension that is overlapping and interacting with our demension not just ma quỉ.

    in this 3rd eye blog, this quote from John Blofeld.guy . he doesn’t know what hes talking about bullshit author , ghost and demons do not deserve our sympathy, we see one we kill one with no remorse or feeling sorry. yêu quái and ma quỉ live in a different realm in the multiverse. they are not allow to cross over to our side and have any sort of interactions with our world ,if they cross over they are mostt likely here to cause havoc and should be killed, we cannot live along side them, we don’t bother them so they should not bother us and keep the fuck out.. in each planet of our solar system there are human living in we see them as no life form and harsh atmostphere but in the other dimension its has the right condition to sustain life, just as if they go to earth they will see no life and earth cannot sustain life in their realm. science have theory of the multiverse and parrellel demension and they are dead right about this theory but don’t have the technology to explore . but we do through traveling with our linh hồn and portal teleportation., no imagining anything or any meditation done, no lucid dream no astral projection u just simply do it simple as that, in this planet earth it is split into 2 parallel worlds from each other..,we label these two parrellel word âm giới and dương giới. here we live dương giới. ..when we die we get đầu thai into âm giới . âm giới are just normal people like us. u grow up u become and adult and u die. this is the pattern. u live dương giới u die u đầu thai into âm giới u die again and đầu thai back into dương giới and this is the pattern of reincarnation. people that live in âm giới that cross over and cause trouble ..this is when u label them as ghost and kill them for trespassing. if we trespass into their place and cuase havoc they also have people that will kill us as well. yêu quái and ma quỉ reside in the multiverse , u see them in movies but they are very real in existence in the multiverse.there is no thiên đường or địa ngục just some made up fake budhism and karma theory stuff or Christian bullshit pulling scare tactics to control people, if it really exist then why aren’t they be able to pin point the exact location of its where abouts, there should be a map or a gps of it if it really exist, this is call stupidity blind faith, they cannot support what they claim is in existence. fake bullshit man made religion which is why these people will be eaten or enslave by evil gods and entity when they die and cannot đầu thai and swallowed up out of existence.which is why atheism is the safest route , just simply not believe or worship anything… thiên giới on the other hand is located waay pass the galaxies and milky way, u cannot go there when u die unless u cultivate and want have a life there, technology over there is waaay more advance then ours very glassy looking to the point its hard to believe its toaism at all., but for everybody else you just đầu thai into âm giới and get a new life there.. so this is how natures works,we do not cross over to cause trouble, of course not all yêu quái are consider evil, as long as they stick to their side . but for the ones that cross over to cause trouble , if we see them we do not hesistate or ask them to leave. because if they can come and go they can return at a different location, we do not talk to them or negotiate we kill them on spot we do not show any sympathy or remorse or any hesitation..


  18. Hi Khuong,

    Would you be open to adding an article about what you just wrote to me, as my next blog post? I can take everything that you just wrote, reformat it and translate all the Viet words so everyone can read and understand your information. You will be the guest author of the piece and I would simply be the editor. Let me know if you are willing. I think you have a very unique insight into yin world and the world of black magic. Also, if you have an email address, perhaps it is easier to communicate privately. Let me know.



  19. yes u can turn it into an article if you want, but I do not want my viet name as the author on it though, English name Phillip as the author is fine. . and yes I do have an mail address at


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