Ancient Áo Dài

I have always been a tomboy.  I may not look like it now, but back in high school, I lived in jeans and tee shirts.  I played guitar instead of dolls, and I read science-fiction instead of romance novels.  My favorite color was black.  My favorite music was rock.  Shopping bored me (it still does) … Continue reading Ancient Áo Dài

I Ching: Made in Vietnam (Part 2)

SOMETIMES I FEEL SO BOXED IN!!!!   I have this almost unhealthy obsession to seek out so many things that are still existing at the razor sharp edge between the newly dogmatic accepted-truth and para-quasi-semi-fantasy-sci-fi-hallucinatory-magik-alchemy-mumbo-jumbo. It always starts off the same.  One moment, I'm looking through a magazine trying to pick out a new perfume … Continue reading I Ching: Made in Vietnam (Part 2)