Sex and the Tao Babe


Su Nu Ching

“In our universe, all lives are created through the harmony of Yin and Yang.  When Yang has the harmony of Yin all his problems will be solved and when Yin has the harmony of Yang, all obstacles on her way will vanish.  One Yin and one Yang must constantly assist one another.  And thus the man will feel firm and strong.  The woman will then be ready to receive him into her.  The two will thus be in communion and their secretions will nurture each other…” — Hsuan Nu from Su Nu Ching.

Oh, the things that the ancients knew about sex and how to perform sex acts would curl your toes.  It is hard to imagine such things being part of a religious practice, but it was truly a part of practicing the Tao, and achieving harmony within oneself included this.

It is then such a strange thing that modern Taoism does not openly have sex as part of its teachings.  Perhaps it has been condemned as a dirty nasty thing for so long that it has to be hidden behind a curtain, and to be explored only by the very bold and daring.

Well, let this bold and daring Babe probe through the veiled window and take a look at all the aspects of sexual coupling, the ancient Tao way.

Two thousand years ago, the guidebook that was given to a woman on her wedding night to guide her through the process of marital consummation was fairly explicit, and with pictures, so she wouldn’t have to guess what to do.  In this day and age, this kind of handbook should be given to every single young couple before they have sex, so they will know how to do it well.

A poem written by Chang Heng, over two thousand years ago spoke of this:

Let us now lock the double door with its golden lock,
And light the lamp to fill our room with its brilliance,
I shed my robes and remove my paint and powder,
And roll out the picture scroll by the side of the pillow,
The Plain Girl I shall take as my instructress
So that we can practice all the variegated postures,
Those that an ordinary husband has but rarely seen,
Such as taught by T’ion-lao to the yellow Emperor
No joy shall equal the delights of this first night,
These shall never be forgotten, however old we may grow.


So, during the time when sex was a taboo subject everywhere, in the western world, the ancient Chinese, both men and women, were being taught how to have great sex.  The very vivid descriptions of methods, positions, and activities linked to sex is quite amazing, considering the age of the written work.



Taoism is all about observing the natural world and doing what is in harmony with the natural world.  Let me tell you something about a woman.  She is THE natural world in a microcosmic balance of perfection.  To observe how she reacts to stimuli  is to understand what to do and when to do it.  Take heart.  The observations and study have already been done by advanced Taoist physicians.  One only needs to follow the guidelines— for guidelines are all they are, with plenty of room for further creative endeavors.

Taoist physicians have been observing these reactions with intensity for thousands of years and  have documented their research, in a very clinical and thorough manner.  It then only requires an astute man to take their observations into the bedroom and practice the techniques that will attain sexual health and well-being.

From The Tao of Love and Sex, translated by Jolan Chang

How to observe female satisfaction:

The Ten Indications of a Woman’s Sexual Satisfaction, as noted by Su Nu:

1.  Her jade hands holds his back, the lower part of her body moving.  Sthe sticks her tongue out licking him, trying to arouse him.  This indicates that she is greatly aroused.

2.  Her fragrant body is supine and all her limbs are straight and not moving and she is breathing hard through her nose.  This indicates the she desires him to resume his thrusts.

3.  She opens her palms to play with the sleeping man ‘s jade hammer and turns it around.  This indicates that she is hungry for him.

4.  Her eyes and brows are flickering and her voice utters guttural sounds of playful words.  This indicates that she is greatly aroused.

5.  She uses her two hands to hold her feet and opens her jade gate wide.  This indicates that she is enjoying it greatly.

6.  Her tongue sticks out as if half-asleep or half-drunk.  This indicates that her vulva is anxious for deeep and shallow thrusts and she wants them to be done vigorously.

7.  She stretches her feet and toes and tries to retain his jade hammer inside her but she is not certain in what manner she wishes him to thrust.  At the same time she murmurs in a low voice.  This indicates that the tide of Yin is coming.

8.  Suddenly she has what she wants and she turns her waist a little.  She perspires slightly and at the same time smiles.  This indicates that she does not yet want him to finish because she still wants more.

9.  The sweet feeling is already there and her pleasure is mounting.  Her tide of Yin has arrived.  She still holds him tightly.  This indicates she is not yet completely satisfied.

10.  Her body is hot and damp with perspiration.  Her hands and feet relaxed.  This indicates she is now thoroughly satiated.



The positions that Taoist practitioners utilize during their lovemaking is numerous and eloquent in name and figure.  The descriptions sometimes twist the human bodies into contortions that only acrobats can do.  The pictures do not do it justice.


The positions and their names are fairly provocative.  There is the Silkworm Spinning a Cocoon, Dance of the Two Phoenix, Flying White Tiger, Giant Bird Soaring over Dark Sea, and Singing Monkey Holding a Tree, among other names just as interesting.

The various positions will be detailed in comming posts.

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  1. Cool lol. My friend saw the Kuma Sultra somewhere in India. Quite funny because the guide was Muslim and had avert his eyes as he was pointing stuff out.

    I’m ignorant of so much details of mind blowing sex but I think massage is very Tao. No better way to tell somebody you love them than a back massage. If a girl has a nice back … maybe that’s my fetish lol. It great to give and to receive that. :D.

    Odd that the western erotic stuff keys in on Kuma Sultra and not ancient Tao most of the time.


  2. Perhaps it just needs an eloquent writer to bring it out to the forefront… someone with razzmatazz. There is also the tipping point. A person could be in relative obscurity for awhile, and then all of a sudden, ride a wave of popularity that pushes that person up and above the heads of the mass.


  3. yes, rrazzmatiz needed

    Ottawa is on border between Quebec and Ontario. Quebecers more liberal about sex; i.e, they have Blue Night aka soft porn on TV. In my past, blush i’ve watvhed that sometimes and often k.s. was the theme. I’,m sure many movies would suddenly use tao ideas if they could. :).


  4. One has reach stages of mastery never thought possible within sexuality and dimensions of conciseness. Tao is the way of the future in so many levels that it is all most impossible to even fathom.


  5. Taobabe, this is an interesting post, well done! 🙂

    In some of his books Paulo Coelho also discusses the sanctity of sex in attaining religious enlightenment. ‘Eleven Minutes’ is one of them, you may want to check it out.


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