How to Make TaoBabe Water


TaoBabe Water

As a Taobabe; it would be terribly remiss of me if I did not disclose to you certain secrets that are part of the canon of TaoBabe-ism.  We humans are made up of 90% water, and as such, water is extremely crucial for the Tao Babe.  We have to keep water flowing through our system at a steady and constant rate.  The quality of the water we introduce into our bodies must also be taken into account, and not just any water, mind you, we have to use our very own Tao Babe water.

Now, before you go thinking this is merely the invention of a poor woman’s deranged mind, let me hasten to say that I got the Taobabe Water Recipe from a very good friend, Mike Anthony, who got his idea by reading the works of Viktor Schauberger, a pioneer in hydrodynamics physics.

Don’t let the physics part scare you though, making TaoBabe water is simple.  There are three things to keep in mind. 1. Purity  2. Polarity  3. Vorticity.

First, it must be purified.

Water starts its cycle as moisture condensation in the clouds, upon which, once enough has collected to become too heavy to sustain in midair, it breaks from forth in the form of a cloudburst and falls to the ground.  As a living entity, the water is collected by the lands below in the form of ice, snow, and basins, lakes and rivers.  It is in constant motion and goes through the earth on its way towards the lowest points.  This traveling process purifies the water the way mother nature intended it to be.

The way we get water is much less desirable.  We get it from pipes which run underground, taken from processing plants which ‘kill’ all the bacterial growth and any dangerous diseases from it.  The result is fairly bad tasting water that must be re-filtered to remove the bad taste from the water.  Any method is preferable to no method at all.  I have used reverse-osmosis filters under the sink and I have used charcoal filters fixed to the tap.  They both work fine.


Second, since the water is not welling up from a pure stream after having rushed down the mountainside tumbling through ravines and streams rich with minerals and noble metals, polarity must be reintroduced.  During the cleansing process at the water processing plant, the polarity of the water gets all scrambled.  It must be re-polarized.

The easy quick fix is to attach a strong magnet to the faucet, and as the water rushes through the pipe, it runs past the magnet, which realigns the polarity of the water.


Finally, vorticity must be reintroduced. Vorticity is the energy that is created by spinning liquids.  The water’s energy needs to be re-introduced into the water molecules.

Take a glass pitcher (make sure it is glass and not plastic) with rounded edges (even better if it is egg-shaped, because that is the natural shape of the universe) and fill it with purified, polarized water.

Once the pitcher is full, take a wooden spoon or a bamboo stirrer and stir the water enough to make a deep vortice in the water.  This stirring method reenergizes the water by introducing kinetic energy back into the water, and aerates the water in a gentle fashion.  The rounded edges of the egg-shaped glass container allows the water molecules to remain in constant motion, keeping the energy in the water.

Do not cover the container so that it will be allowed to breathe naturally.  Keep it cool and in a dark place.  The inside of your refrigerator is ideal since it is dark (when the door is closed) and it is cool.  Remember:  water is most dense at +4C (+39.2F) and has the most energy at this temperature. Set your refrigerator temperature at this setting for best results.

Drink as much of this water as possible.  The benefits are great.

BTW:  I would love to hear feedback on the effects that any individual feels once this method has been employed for a short time.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any thoughts, concerns, or suggestions.



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  1. Hi! Rainwater is great for watering plants, but it is considered juvenile water because it is missing the minerals they would have picked up had they gone rushing down the mountainside. This process not only gives the water an added taste that one cannot get anywhere else, but it also matures the water. Drinking rainwater will cause the juvenile water to take the minerals out of your body to replenish itself.


  2. I came across your blog while on google blog search, looking for stuff related to Taoism . . . Really enjoyed reading and have added your rss feed to my reader. 🙂


  3. i am on a 365 day journey to reverse my heart disease. I will try this out. Water has been on my mind and hence I fumbled onto your site. When I allow my mind loose it always finds what it needs. 🙂


  4. Solar, I have no idea. I leave my platform in the hands of extremely competent software developers at WordPress. I love them!!! They take really good care of me and I am a loyal fan.



  5. Hi Ken. Thanks for visiting my blog. Since I always love to hear educated responses, I would love to hear your rebuttal on this.


  6. I’ve read in older texts about how ancient Taoists would manipulate water for healing or ceremonial use. There are modern examples too, here’s one:

    there was also this one photographer and author, Masaru Emoto, who wrote a handful of books on the topic of water crystals being affected by sound and thought where he would also take pictures of the crystals. Of course all this stuff is considered controversial among scientists, I think examining observable and tangible effects is a step in the right direction. The bubbles thing too I have not really looked into but probably should. I wonder if I could make an experiment of it too.


  7. Water, as such, is an entity that can hold information, so I’m not surprised that it will have some kind of effect. I would love to see if you can do some basic experiments, and let’s compare notes. 🙂


  8. Someone asked about chlorine in the water. To remove it get a five gallon bucket and add one small pinch of vitamin C. Stir vigorously and let sit until settled. After it sits pour off only the top portion, say 75%, of the water. If you use a white bucket you can actually see a small grain of the chlorine combined in the center bottom of the bucket. It’s about the size of a large grain of salt. I got this from the San Fransisco Water Board.


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